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 Simple Kitchen Makeover

Hey! 12:05 am and wide awake. Typical Sunday night insomnia. I’ve dreamed of a lavender kitchen for awhile. I know it may seem a little girly, but I find the color to be so serene, pleasant, and relaxing. I think it is such a peaceful color. Hubby gave me full reigns to pick a color,… Continue reading  Simple Kitchen Makeover

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Summer Solstice Solution: The Answer to My Angst

Who said angst is only an emotion felt by teens? I’ve been feeling “angsty” as ever lately. I think it’s because I’ve been craving a real adventure. And I’m happy to say the plans for my great summer adventure of 2017 were solidified yesterday, on the solstice, no less! (Drumroll please) I’m bike touring the… Continue reading Summer Solstice Solution: The Answer to My Angst

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Weekend Recap #29

So many things I could write about. Where to begin? I guess we could begin on Friday. I had the day off because I worked a fundraiser event on Saturday. After a lazy morning of drinking too much coffee and tidying, I went to the post office and the grocery store and got only foods… Continue reading Weekend Recap #29

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Take Me Back to Bend

Given the current Willamette Valley pollen count situation, I am naturally dreaming of refuge from these crazy allergies in the higher grounds of Central Oregon. Get me outta here! I feel like Bend is Eugene’s cool older brother. You know, the one who cuts math class to hit the slopes in his obnoxiously turquoise, over… Continue reading Take Me Back to Bend

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Morning Rampage of Appreciation

1. I’m grateful that the joy of running has returned to me. Photo taken on Saturday’s run. 2. I’m grateful for all the amazing content I’m consuming via Podcast. Screenshot of a few faves. 3. I’m grateful for affordable, healthy, delicious food. Photos taken on Sunday’s major grocery haul. Meal prepped a bunch after shopping. … Continue reading Morning Rampage of Appreciation