(Lunchbreak musing) Why I won’t be watching the debate tonight.

Hi there! I am going to take this lunchbreak as an opportunity to get this off my chest while I enjoy my $3.50 meal of rice, pickled ginger, and edamame🙂 I totally respect people who are choosing to watch the presidential debate tonight.  I know my husband will be. I think there are legitimate reasons… Continue reading (Lunchbreak musing) Why I won’t be watching the debate tonight.

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{Race Recap} Florence Half Marathon 2016

Hi there! I ran the inaugural Florence Half Marathon with Pink Buffalo Racing, and am currently still in Florence (Oregon) at Siuslaw River Coffee Roasters as I type this. I am SO BAD about writing race recaps, so I figure if I don’t let myself drive home til it is written then that is pretty… Continue reading {Race Recap} Florence Half Marathon 2016


Psalm 1:3

Good morning, Shabbat Shalom, & Happy Saturday! I can’t believe it is the third day of fall. Well, I sort of can, because it was totally summer weather here in Eugene and then BAM! rain and clouds and sweaters and scarves🙂. Okay, enough with the small talk. This feels pretty vulnerable to post. Mostly because… Continue reading Psalm 1:3

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{Book Review} Do Your Om Thing by Rebecca Pacheco

I basically devoured this book in 3 sittings. The author, Rebecca Pacheco, does a wonderful job at bringing her authentic voice and understandings of yoga based on her own experiences as a student, teacher, and most importantly practitioner of all things yoga. I loved that it cut to the chase. It was a refreshingly simple and… Continue reading {Book Review} Do Your Om Thing by Rebecca Pacheco

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What I Ate Today (WIAT) and 4 Morning Rituals

Hi there, friend. Curious WIAT and what my morning rituals are? Well… Ritual 1: I woke up to my alarm at 5:20 am, my usual alarm time for weekdays. By 5:48 I mustered up the courage to leave my fleece-sheeted cocoon (aka bed). I ripped the covers off and fast-walked, shivering, to the kitchen to… Continue reading What I Ate Today (WIAT) and 4 Morning Rituals


26 Quotes That Inspire Me to Run

These quotes are from people I admire. Some who are alive, and some who have passed. Women and men. Runners and not runners. The one thing they have in common? For whatever reason, they inspire me to keep on running. Three of them are Steve Prefontaine quotes, cuz, come on, it’s Pre. Some of these… Continue reading 26 Quotes That Inspire Me to Run