Considering a vegan diet? Resources to start your journey.

Since going vegan, I have found that lots of friends and family are genuinely curious and interested in learning more about WHY I chose to give this diet a try. I have compiled a list of documentaries and books that largely influenced my decision to give it a whirl. 

My definition/version of vegan is: A plant based diet that contains no animal byproducts. (veggies, fruit, nuts, seeds, grains, legumes, soy) (no meat, dairy, or eggs).


  • “Veducated” [Netflix]

This documentary follows three New Yorkers who agree to be vegan for six weeks. Each of them come from very different walks of life and it is interesting to see how they adapt to the lifestyle differently. It is slightly corny but also entertaining and compelling.

  •  “Forks over Knives” [Netflix]

This documentary has an abundance of information about the health benefits of veganism and backs it with scientific research. Lengthy film but so, very interesting!

  •  “Food Matters” [Netflix]

Kind of preachy but interesting insight. Some radical thinkers in this one. I found the segment about vitamins treating medical conditions ranging from depression to cancer extremely fascinating.

There are more documentaries on Netflix and they are all interesting but I think the 3 above are the most informative.

1. “Skinny Bitch”
Don’t let the cheeky name scare you off… This book was probably my catalyst into the vegan realm. The authors are sassy but it makes for an entertaining read and a lot of it makes a ton of sense. My favorite part of this book is that the authors encourage you to use your own head and make decisions for yourself rather than some vegan sources that can tend to preach. I read this book in one evening, it is a fairly quick read.

2. “The China Study” I haven’t read it personally but many people refer to it as the Vegan bible. If you are motivated and intrigued by scientific research this book would be great. It documents the longest scientific study of nutrition ever recorded, and the findings suggest a plant based diet is the healthiest for our bodies. I haven’t read it because some of the aforementioned documentaries discuss this book in length.

Alrighty then. hopefully this list is informative and not overwhelming! Seen or read any of the sources above? I’d love to know what you took away from them :).

Lots of love!

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