My Jump Rope Workout Routine


There are some days when I just don’t feel like going on a run but still “crave” the cardio work out. Since I don’t like treadmills going on a run is sort of a commitment. I always like the idea of running as far as my heart and feet desire, but then there is always the return run back to where you started (I have been guilty of putting some mileage on the pavement and then calling my fiance for a ride back home, haha). Sometimes it is nice to know you can go as hard as you want and not need to worry about the distance and energy it will take to get back to home base! It’s days like this when I whip out the jump rope :).

A few months ago when I started jump roping I stopped running altogether because it was so much stinking fun and a KILLER work out! I can say with confidence that I sweat more doing 15 minutes of jump rope then I do on a 30 minute jog. Recently I’ve been running 2-3 times a week and jumping 2-3 times a week. Here are some of my favorite jump rope drills compiled into a 10 minute workout!

  • 1 minute regular two-foot jump
  • 1 minute alternating feet
  • 1 minute side to side
  • 1 minute front to back
  • 1 minute alternating scissor jump
  • 1 minute front hop (literally moving forward each jump)
  • 1 minute back hop (literally jumping backward each jump, make sure nothing’s behind you)
  • 1 minute skipping while jumping
  • 30 second running while jumping
  • 30 second speed jump
  • 30 second as many double-unders as possible
  • 30 second torso twists

TIPS: Don’t jump too high. Try to land light on your feet with your weight towards the balls of your feet. stretch your calves and shins afterwards using a foam roller (super important). Oh, and HAVE FUN! 🙂

*Normally I will listen to some upbeat jams like theMichael Jackson Pandora Station when I jump. After a few songs, or when I get too tired, I do sit ups and crunches for half a song or so while I recover. I usually jump for about 30-45 minutes with a few abdominal exercise “breaks” when needed.

 **When I first started jump roping I would often be totally burned out after one song, but stick with it! The more you do it the easier it gets and your stamina will progress rapidly (like double and triple in a week or two).

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