My Weekend Trip to Banana Island

Image3 weekends ago I took a trip to what many call “banana island.” In a nutshell, banana island is when you eat nothing but bananas for an extended period of time. some do it for a week, 10 days, or longer. I decided since this was my first time trying I would just do it for the weekend. WHY you ask? I had a few reasons…

  • People rave about the health benefits of mono meals (increased energy, glowing skin, mental clarity, mood enhancing & more)
  • I am a very curious person and I just wanted to see what this experience would be like
  • It is a great way to spend virtually nothing on food (all those bananas in the photo cost $4.67 at Smart & Final)
  • I really like bananas

Things I experienced:

  • Reduced anxiety. I am generally an anxious person but I felt very relaxed and at peace with most if not all aspects of my life. I felt like it was really ok that I couldn’t control things that usually cause me stress like bills, work, wedding planning, chores, & errands. I just felt very happy and at ease.
  • No post-work out soreness. I went on a 5 mile run and barely stretched after and literally didn’t feel any soreness in my feet, legs, or body. That is very unusual for me.
  • I never got sick of bananas. Ever since banana Island I eat bananas every day! I just love them, and eat them more than I ever have in my life. I think I am going to plan a trip to banana island again and extend my stay πŸ™‚

Things I learned: It actually took me about 6 days to finish all of those bananas. I reintroduced other foods in my diet on monday but kept eating lots of nanners until they were gone. It is recommended to eat at least 20-30 bananas a day when all you are eating is bananas, but that was really hard for me. I was completely full on 15 bananas a day but I tried to get um all in. I also learned to appreciate very ripe bananas. The more brown speckles, the sweeter the banana! Now I like my bananas very, very ripened and that is the healthiest way to eat them. And they are cheaper if you buy the really ripe ones.

I suggest you give banana island a try, even if it is just for one meal! Thoughts? Leave a comment!

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