3 Ingredient Chia Pudding & Banana Parfait!


I am so mad at myself for waiting so long to finally put that large bag of chia seeds I bought to good use! After reading “Born to Run” and watching “Food Matters” I was convinced that chia seeds are a relatively inexpensive superfood worth trying. I admittedly was hesitant to bring the bag to the register due to the price. It cost more than $15 and less than $20… I don’t remember the exact amount because it has been sitting in my pantry for over a month.

I viewed some recipes on Pinterest and found out how easy chia pudding is to make! I simplified the recipes I found even more (by omitting the agave nectar). It is 3 ingredients and I happened to have the other 2 so I thought, what the hay, no time like the present!


All you need to make chia pudding is 2 cups of almond milk, 3/4 a cup of chia seeds, and cinnamon to taste. Combine all ingredients in tupperware (This recipe will make enough for several servings). The chia seeds will absorb the liquid, soften, and expand to about 10 times its original size. let it set and thicken for at least an hour in the fridge. That’s it!

I had a chia pudding & banana parfait for breakfast and for dessert after dinner today. It is so yummy and a great non-dairy option for me, a former froyo/yogurt/pudding lover. The consistency is very similar to tapioca pudding. If you wanna get fancy, serve it in a wine glass! Enjoy 🙂

P.S. I think I have enough chia seeds to last me through the year if not a decade. It seems like a lot of money up front but they will last you a long time!

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