10 Tips for Drinking More Water

I try to drink at least 64 oz of water every day as a minimum. Ideally I like to drink 100 oz a day, but 64 is a good minimum. Although 64 oz is the commonly recommended amount, I find if I drink an abundance of water I have clearer skin, more energy, and just feel generally quenched ;). It’s hard to explain what feeling hydrated feels like, but rest assured it feels awesome. Everyone knows what it feels like to be dehydrated and it does not feel awesome (tired, fatigued, head-achey, generally miserable). And if you are thirsty, guess what? That means you are already dehydrated. So here are some tips to help you drink up H20 like a camel… Bottoms up!

1. Invest in a water bottle you love. I have tried out many different kinds but definitely prefer the classic 32 oz nalgene for a few reasons.

  • It holds more water than most water bottles, which means less refills.ย 
  • It takes the measuring out of it. I know I need to drink at least 2, preferably 3.
  • It is damn near indestructible.
2. Take said water bottle with you everywhere. (duh).
3. Try and drink the 64 oz minimum by the time you leave the office/school/where ever it is you spend your days. Chances are you will still want to drink more later in the evening.
4. Drink water with your meals. And with your morning cup of joe. And with any beverage. Double fisting is acceptable when one fist is holding water.
5. Have a water chugging contest for the rights to the remote control, garbage duty, etc. (I’m only half kidding here).
6. Drink water before you go to bed. Yes, you will have to get up in the middle of the night and pee. But you won’t wake up dehydrated. And you can look at the clock and think to yourself “Yay, I get to sleep for 3 more hours!”
7. Drink water when you first wake up. This one is the hardest for me. I only want coffee when I first wake up, but I try and make a dent in my water supply before I leave for work.
8. Get over your fear of tap water. Invest in a water filter. I like Evian as much as the next girl but spending hundreds of dollars a month on water is flat out ridiculous… which is what you would spend if you drank 64-100 oz of bottled water every day.
9. Spruce up your water with lemon juice, lime juice, cucumber, mint sprigs, ice… whatever strikes your fancy!
10. Think of yourself as 50-75% water. When you drink water you are literally replenishing and regenerating. It is kind of weird and kind of amazing :).

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