5 Weird Vegan Cravings


I thought I would share some of the wilder and surprising changes in my food preferences since adopting a plant based diet. If you are like me, once you stop craving animal products like cheese and jerky you might start craving…

1. Brussel Sprouts

I can’t explain this one. But I can tell you that they are now one of my favorite foods. I will gladly eat a bowl of brussels for dinner. The thought of a brussel sprout cooked to perfection literally makes my mouth water. Pictured above are brussel sprouts from Stone Brewery. If prepared correctly these lil babies are so savory, hearty, and satisfying. Like an artichoke heart crossed with broccoli. Which brings me to my next weird craving…

2. Broccoli

I have always appreciated broccoli, featuring it as trees on a mashed potato volcano or enjoying it as an additional mix-in to a noodle dish. But now I have an entire plateful of steamed broccoli as the main part of dinner at least once a week, usually more like 2 or 3. I like to drizzle Sriracha on top and just go to town. It is filling, rich in flavor, texturally pleasing, and so nutritious. Yep, I loveeeee me some broccoli!

3. Canteloupe

I now love having fruit for breakfast. The only breakfast I used to enjoy was coffee in various forms with the occasional bowl of cereal. Now I love starting my day with sweet fruit. Commonly bananas or blended watermelon. One fruit I frequently crave in the morning is a sweet, ripe cantaloupe. They are so juicy and delicious. Eating one is like biting into a fluffy, refreshing cloud from heaven. Nature’s candy!

4. Salsa

Spicy. Roasted. Pico de gallo. Corn. Blended. Chunky. Verde. All of it. Except garlic salsa unless it’s a salsa verde (I know, I was surprised it wasn’t good too). Forget chips, I’ll eat salsa with lettuce… Or a spoon… :).

5. Baked sweet potato

Not the orange yam-like sweet potato, but the ones with the insides that are just slightly darker than the standard spud. Seriously so flavorful and much healthier than other potato options. Yummy.

Pretty strange how my taste buds have evolved in just a matter of months! What are your strange healthy cravings? Leave a comment below!

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