13.1 Things I Learned Running My First 1/2 Marathon


1. Breath control and mind control. If you find yourself short of breath, inhale slowly for 3 seconds, and exhale at the same rate. Slow down. Calm down. Enjoy the run.

2. Running reduces anxiety.

3. One great run can turn a crappy day into a happy day.

4. Smile and be a friendly jogger. It isn’t a competition, it’s an activity. Thumbs up are always well received. It should be enjoyable. Try not to take yourself too seriously.

5. Don’t skip the after run stretches, you will regret it the next morning. And invest in a foam roller.

6. Try and run on a mostly empty stomach. Maybe a half banana. You can’t digest and run at the same time, at least not comfortably.

7. I like to save my energy and lunge up hills when I’m on a long distance run.

8. Treadmills suck. I can never run long distances on a treadmill. It is so blah. I’d prefer to bundle up and forge on outdoors even in crumby weather. OR if treadmills are the only option bring your tablet if you have one and watch a movie/documentary/show of your choosing rather than the crap they have on at the gym.

9. Don’t plan out your route exactly. Be spontaneous. Go down new roads and new paths. It makes the run much more exciting and adventurous.

10. Sign up for a race. It will keep you motivated. And race day is so much fun! And usually the entry fee goes to some great cause.

11. Minimalist running is not dangerous and not a fad.

12. Listen to your body’s needs but also push yourself outside your comfort zone. Sprint the last leg of your run every time.

13. Wear running attire that makes you feel fabulous. Look good, feel good, do good!

13.1 (this one is the most important!). be proud of yourself, be gentle with yourself, and be kind to yourself.


4 thoughts on “13.1 Things I Learned Running My First 1/2 Marathon

    1. Happy fueling and thanks for reblogging this post! Let me know if you’d like any other specific tips or running advice. Best of luck with your goal to run a half marathon… You can totally do it!!!

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