8 Tips on Becoming a Morning Person


Why be a morning person?

     I hear this phrase all too often: “I’m not a morning person.” This phrase definitely resonated with me throughout my teenage years. Thankfully that has changed. First off, mornings are the start of your day. Chances are if you start your day with a grouchy attitude your grouchiness is likely to carry on throughout the day. Vice-versa, if you start off feeling great then that great feeling has a good chance of sticking with you.
In morning-time nothing has occurred to give you any reason to be unhappy. Throughout the day there is probably going to be at least one thing that irks you, whether it’s a driver cutting you off, a disagreement, or even just reading the news. In the morning, you are free to feel fresh… how wonderful! 

8 tips for becoming a morning person:

1. Go to bed early. The goal in doing this is to get a good night of sleep or rest. I know that for lots of people this is easier said than done. I have trouble falling asleep, but I still go to bed early regardless. Even if I only average 6-7 hours of sleep I still get around 9 hours of rest.

2. Create morning rituals that bring you joy. One of mine is laying in the comfy, cozy bed and watching a YouTube or music video instead of the news. I stopped watching morning news because usually the anchormen and women piss me off and the “news” they report also pisses me off.

3. Enjoy your cup of whatever. Coffee. Tea. Orange juice. Whatever. My morning cup of coffee is a serious factor in enhancing my morning mood.

4. Enjoy a big glass of water with your cup of whatever. Hydrating first thing is so important. And if you are dehydrated in the mornings then you probably aren’t going to like mornings.

5. Get up early enough to have time for the things mentioned above and adequate time to get ready/primp/groom. Look good, feel good!

6. If you are able to be a true early riser exercise in the morning. Getting in your exercise early wakes you right up, energizes you, jump starts your metabolism, and is just generally awesome.  Kudos to you!

7. Wait to have breakfast until you are hungry. If I wait til I actually feel hunger I enjoy breakfast so much more. I usually don’t have breakfast until an hour or so into work. Let your body finish detoxing because once you eat your body switches to digesting.

8. Eat a healthy breakfast. This will set the tone for how you eat the rest of the day. As much fruit as you could possibly desire is a great breakfast!

Alright… Go enjoy your mornings 🙂 What are some of your favorite morning rituals??

5 thoughts on “8 Tips on Becoming a Morning Person

  1. You used to HATE the morning, especially if you had to drive lol. I’m glad you have perked up in the AM! I’ll definitely keep these things in mind when I start my routine schedule in January 🙂

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