Veggies Past Their Prime? Make a Stew!


During those busy days or weeks, it can be hard to find time to get in the kitchen. The result of this last week was a bunch of vegetables from my CSA delivery were on the verge of going bad. Rather than eating plants in that state raw, it makes so much more sense to make a soup or stew! Waste not! This soupy-stew turned out delish and made 6 Tupperware left over servings. I enjoyed it all week! Or if you have a lot of other food you are trying to get through you can always freeze leftovers and it will keep for months. All I did was chop up the vegetables (broccoli, carrots, leaks, dinosaur kale, potatoes) and combined them with some tomato sauce and water. I also added 2 cubes of vegetable bullion for extra flavor, but keep in mind bullion has a lot of sodium.

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