Buffalo “Chicken” and Cauliflower “Cheese” Salad (SO GOOD).


In general I don’t feel protein deficient on a plant based diet, but there are random times when I will catch myself craving extra protein. Lots of things contribute to an increased bodily desire for protein, ranging from rebuilding muscle tissue from work outs to the late luteal phase of the menstrual cycle (gasp… I wrote menstrual). A natural inclination for a newly-vegan guy or gal will be to crave “meat/dairy” rather than cravie “protein”. This is because for the majority of their life their taste buds have understood the two as synonymous.

When my body is telling me I want more protein, I listen. Whether it is tofu, tempeh, seitan, Boca or Morning Star products. The thing to keep in mind is portion control. Have your protein with a big ol’ salad! This will leave you full and satisfied, give you the protein your body wants, plus lots of other nutritional value. In the salad above I sliced 5 Morning Star “Buffalo Wings” and added some chopped cauliflower as “cheese”. It was so, so yummy! One of my favorite homemade salads yet!

2 thoughts on “Buffalo “Chicken” and Cauliflower “Cheese” Salad (SO GOOD).

  1. This looks sooo good Becca! I have been buying more veggie burgers/veggie sausage type products so that I don’t eat tofu too often- there are so many flavorful varieties! Just tried Gardenburger’s portabello mushroom burgers and they were top notch.

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