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My First Crossfit Experience- Meh. Still undecided.


I have been intrigued, intimidated, annoyed, & curious by the whole Crossfit craze for years now. I would have tried it out a long time ago, but the membership prices are absolutely insane… especially for the minimalist/relatively inexpensive equipment that’s in the Crossfit gyms or facilities or boxes or whatever the hell you call them. But Jon and I found a deal on Amazon for 5 classes for $19, which was an offer too good to pass up. The offer also came with the 4 “Foundation” classes mandatory to take before attending a regular class to learn Crossfit techniques free of charge, when usually the Foundation series will cost you over 100 bucks.

So tonight I went for the first time and this was my honest impression:

The gym itself I liked a lot; Ropes hanging from the wall, rings, monkey bars, jump ropes, foam rollers, kettle bells. Awesome! Totally my style. Also there were 5 clean individual bathrooms with showers- tight. The staff was definitely friendly, albeit a little cult-ish, but I kind of expected that. The vibe I got was welcoming in the sales tactic, I have lots of endorphins cuz I’m super fit sense… Honestly it felt pretty disingenuous.

I was excited by the people crawling up ropes, hanging on the bars doing ab work, and the jumping rope. It felt like a grown up playground!

I didn’t care for the bro lingo/culture.

I didn’t love that there was an “Is it Paleo?” Flowchart poster. I get that the Paleo diet is the recommended Crossfit regimen and is definitely better than the SAD diet (Standard American Diet), but as a person who passionately follows a plant based diet it made me feel a bit like an outsider.

I was bothered by the weight lifting. It seemed totally dangerous. The only instruction I really received beyond a demonstration was “keep your elbows up.” Ummm, ok?

I am processing my first Crossfit workout as I type this with my sore shoulders. Maybe I am trying to convince myself it is not for me because I don’t want to pay $140 a month once my 5 free classes are used up, but I don’t think that is the case. In fact, I’m not sure I am even going to go back… I’m truthfully so confused! I guess it would be fair to say I am still intrigued, intimidated, annoyed, & curious. To be continued, maybe.

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