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International Day of Happiness


Did you know today is the United Nations International Day of Happiness?! I learned this while listening to the radio before the break of dawn while on a run. I spent the majority of 6 miles thinking about how happy I was to be out moving in the foggy darkness with only the street lamps and the moon providing light. It honestly felt great. The solitude was so peaceful. I saw a total of 6 people, and maybe a dozen cars in the whole hour I was out. 2 older women with Starbucks drinks in hand and a small dog off leash, 2 girls on a running date, and a couple letting their two dogs play off leash in a park. I usually listen to playlists on my iPod nano but this morning I decided to tune into the radio, which I absolutely loved. I felt more safe and connected to the world around me by sharing the radio waves, knowing that there are other people listening too. My energy level was great despite getting maybe 5 hours of sleep and I didn’t have any joint or foot pain, which made me very happy. It was just one of those perfect runs that leaves you feeling on top of the world. And then I got to thinking about all the reasons I have to be happy today, and boy there are a lot!!! Here is a list of the first 10 that came to mind…

  1. I am healthy.
  2. I am marrying the man of my dreams and who I love so exponentially much in just 65 days.
  3. I worry and stress about money and lack there of so much, but the truth is I am sustaining a beautiful life on a low income, even with financial burdens. And although money is helpful and necessary and enabling, it could never buy the things in my life that I cherish and make me the most happy.
  4. I have so many people, family and friends, who I love and adore and miss very much. Sometimes I focus on the heart ache of missing the people I love rather than take time to be happy that I have those people in my life forever, despite the distance and miles between us. Thank god for Skype and Snapchat.
  5. I’m happy with my job. I love my coworkers, and I get to inspire and be inspired by college students every single day. College students tend to be some of the most stressed but also happy and fun people to be around.
  6. I’m happy I get to travel with a group of students to stay on a coffee farm in Oaxaca, Mexico in 10 days for a week of service and learning.
  7. I’m happy I am Jewish and that I have been blessed with a beautiful community rich in interesting people, loving culture, and strong traditions.
  8. I’m happy I have the courage to be myself, express myself, and be creative and weird and laugh a lot.
  9. I’m happy that my mother in law to be is being so helpful with the wedding planning process and the generosity of of my family in wanting to help and be a part of it. I try not to talk to much about it, but it really does consume a lot of my time these days. I am so happy and excited about everything wedding related in general!
  10. I am happy it is officially Spring, my favorite season by far, and that me birthday is in 3 days :).

Why are you happy? Leave a comment below! πŸ™‚ #happinessday

4 thoughts on “International Day of Happiness

  1. I would love to go to a coffee farm! My husband and I are coffee snobs since we were able to be stationed in Sicily, when we were in the Navy, and enjoy “real” cappuccinos and espressos. They had awesome food too! Do you get to do it every year?

    1. I don’t get to do it every year, this was my first trip! I just got back last night and it was an amazing trip! I learned so much about the process of growing and making coffee πŸ™‚ it was unbelievable, I was in the land of two of my favorite things… Coffee and bananas! πŸ™‚

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