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My Thoughts on Protein & Review of Vega Sport Performance Protein


The E-card above is totally true in my case! Before becoming an herbivore I really never even considered getting too much or not enough protein. Too many Lipids? Sure. Too many Carbohydrates? Sure. But too much Protein? That isn’t something the dieting industry generally propagates.

There are even debates about carb-fat-protein intake ratio in the vegan world. 80-10-10, 90-5-5, 60-20-20… There are numerous people who are so gung-ho about ratio.

My belief is definitely to follow my intuition in these matters. I eat a lot of fruits and leafy greens because these types of carbohydrates metabolize quickly and are like instant energy fuels for me. But I’m very aware of when my body is craving heart healthy fat or protein. I feel best when I eat fat and protein in moderation and am liberal with my carbohydrate intake.

That being said, I did start to question, AM I getting enough protein??? When you are asked this on almost a daily basis it is bound to get into your head, right? Especially since I have been attempting to incorporate more strength training into my fitness regimen.

So I decided, what the heck, I’ll try out this protein powder business and if I don’t notice a positive change in the way I feel or the results I’m getting I’ll stop. I purchased the Vega Sport Performance Protein. They have an overall dietary supplement, but I went with the sport supplement since I am trying to build some muscle, especially in my arms. My legs and core are pretty strong from running, but my push up skills are kind of pathetic. Side note rant: Women often call it “toning up” or “getting definition” but really what that means is building muscle. It’s ok to want to be strong, ladies :).


I only take the protein after a work out where I lift weights, use the TRX, or do other strength training exercises. I’ve had my big bottle for about 6 weeks and I am almost through all of it. I have felt stronger and my recovery time is quicker with the protein. I wouldn’t say it does any miracles; you have to put in the work yourself. I do think it aids in a quick recovery so your muscles aren’t too fatigued to keep up with your exercises. It tastes fine actually! The first time I tried it I was like, ehhh, no. But It took less than a week for me to actually, dare I say, enjoy the taste. Its best if you mix it with almond milk and a banana, but you can just mix it with water and it really tastes fine!

Will I buy another bottle when I run out? I haven’t made up my mind yet, but I am leaning towards not right away. It’s about $50 for a bottle, and though it does last awhile I’m trying to be selective with what I spend on. That’s not to say I will never buy it again in the future, over all I have been very happy with the product. If you can afford the expense and are doing lots of strength work I would absolutely recommend :).

One thought on “My Thoughts on Protein & Review of Vega Sport Performance Protein

  1. Great review! The only vegan protein powder I’ve tried is Jarrow’s brown rice protein and … yuck. I’ve heard good things about the vegan protein powders from Sunwarrior and Isagenix, but haven’t tried either yet. Will have to add Vega Sport to my to-try list.

    FWIW I tend to think 60/20/20 is probably about the right macronutrient ratio for an active vegan. Carbs are important too, obviously, since they give you the energy to work out, but without adequate protein your body can’t recover properly from all that hard work in the gym and on the trails.

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