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My Big Fat Pinterest Wedding

Signs, succulents, hankerchiefs (oh my!)

So this post is a bit off topic for my blog because it doesn’t really have to do with health, fitness, well being, or veganity. But it does explain my recent absence on blog posting: I just got married! And it was an amazing and beautiful wedding! And it was the best day-week-time of my life! So I figured it is worth at least one blog post :). Aside from health and wellness some of my other hobbies and passions include bargain hunting, thrifting, pinning, and crafting. So rest assured our wedding was full of Pinterest and DIY goodness :). Our wedding took place at a summer camp in the Oregon Coast. It was basically a 3 day event, we had 130 guests, and the entire event was under $11k. We were fortunate to crowd source and everyone chipped in, making this wedding happen! But we definitely were budget conscious and made smart decisions that cut costs significantly.Β I thought I would share some things I learned along the way. The first 7 tips are for a Pinterest/DIY bride on a budget, the last 3 tips for a bride in general. And of course, lots of pictures! I hope you enjoy πŸ™‚

10 tips for a Pinterest Bride:

1. Follow your intuition, your taste, and what YOU think is beautiful. It’s your (and your groom’s) day. Let your wedding be a reflection of your taste. If you want only baby’s breath as flowers. If you want the sky blue bridesmaid dress when your older sister likes the mint ones more (love you Jo Jo). If you want a dress that shows your tattoo (sorry grandma). It you want the bridal party to wear cowgirl boots. If you want a friend to be the officiant. Just do you πŸ™‚ (a few examples of differing opinions that I ran into). In the end, you want the day to be your vision, not anyone else’s.

2. Don’t be afraid to change your mind last minute. I saw this gorgeous pin of a half up-do and bought a similar hair comb on etsy and everything. But after the trial hair run I realized that I wanted to wear my hair down. And I still got to use the comb at the bachelorette party, so it’s all good! :). Last minute I decided to assemble a hand written wedding program explaining the Jewish ceremony. This was a bit of work but made the wedding so special since people could read the blessings in English out loud to us and included our guests in the ceremony of our marriage. I am sure you will think of things last minute that may really alter your wedding for the better, let it happen.

3. Delegate. Relinquish control. There will be a moment when you realize the only thing that really matters is at the end of the day you will be married to the person you love. If the wedding planner suggests navy napkins, if the chef has a special recipe for rum punch, roll with it! They are the professionals and they just want to make your day special :)!

4. Save up those vacation days! Take a week off of work before the wedding to last minute craft, craft, craft! Take your honeymoon right after your wedding if possible. The couple weeks surrounding your wedding are full of family and friends and emotions and love. I can’t imagine how hard it would be to have to even think about work while the wedding events were in motion. And if you can swing a honeymoon directly after all the craziness I do highly recommend this, as you and your hubby can have some much needed and deserved alone time.

5. It’s never too early. Be decisive and be collecting and always have a craft you could be working on. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is a DIY wedding. My mother in law started growing baby succulents a year in advance, and collecting galvanized flower buckets, trays, lights, cake stands, and other decor at garage sales and thrift stores as she saw them. So helpful! The week before the wedding will be full of crafting and assembling, but definitely getting the materials in advance is so important!

6. Have your Pinterest board on your phone and with you during the wedding prep. Show it to your hair stylist, make up artist, bridesmaids as they assemble the bouquets and string the lights. It is so handy to have these pictures of your vision to help with delegating tasks. I didn’t bother showing our photographer shots I saw on Pinterest because I was preoccupied with other wedding things, but if you have specific shots that you see on Pinterest that you want you can email your photographer in advance.

7. Go vegetarian! You will save lots of money, it is a good reminder for guests that food can be delicious without meat, and everyone was complimenting the dinner! For the reception dinner I knew I wanted to do vegetarian, and we had lots of vegan options as well. Since it was at camp my vision was to do a classy version of an old camp favorite: grilled cheese and tomato soup! We did 3 artisan gourmet grilled cheese choices, tomato bisque and split pea (vegan) soup, a huge salad bar, roasted potatoes, and green beans. Believe me, everyone was well fed! And the picky vegan bride had plenty to choose from πŸ™‚ perhaps the best part was it was 15 dollars per head!

8. Take as many opportunities for one on one conversations with your guests as you possibly can. You won’t get one on one time with everyone, but when you do don’t be afraid to get to the heart of things. Tell them how much it means to you that they are there and how you love them or whatever it is you feel you need to say to that person! A bachelorette party, bridal shower, etc is about good opportunity to squeeze in as many meaningful moments as humanly possible.

9. Lean on your bridal party. If you are like me, the people you love the most have traveled miles to make a few short days the most meaningful time of your life. Shower them in your love and soak in every minute with them. Tell them how important they are to you and how marriage won’t change that but will enhance it. Tell them you love them! And thank them profusely for putting up with your sorry bridal booty!!! :).

10. Don’t lose focus on what this whole wedding thing is about- the union of you and your love. Spend it with that person. Look them in the eyes. Dance with them. Laugh with them. Cry with them. Hold their hand. Celebrate the love that you have for one another and show it to all of your guests! Share your love by showing your love, it’s the one time PDA is not only acceptable but appropriate and expected haha! Your friends and family will be inspired by it and it will make their travels all worth it.


Here are a list of some things to have and collect the minute you decide on a DIY wedding:

  • Hot glue gun
  • The Michael’s App
  • Chalkboard paint
  • Mason jars
  • Flower buckets
  • Hem tape and a good iron

And that’s it! Now pictures of prep and a few of the day πŸ™‚

Table arrangements. It took about 7 ish hours but it was worth it! It is one thing you can do to try and create happy times for your guests. Plus it’s fun to think of who should meet who!

Much needed diet coke break… My unhealthy vice in busy times.

Once we figured out the seating arrangement the table assignments were displayed on 2 antique windows we found on craigslist with chalk pen. $60 dollars each. These had such a country charm feel and are stunning. The chipped white paint is rustic but also elegant. The glass is so old that it has that slightly droopy look to it, so cool. We are reusing them to frame pictures of the wedding which I’m sure will be in a prominent location of our home. The final product was subtle yet stunning, we rested them against the happy hour table that was on the porch outside the lodge.

Make a prominent visual display of your hashtag! It doesn’t have to be over bearing but it was so helpful in collecting dozens of beautiful moments that our photographer would have no way of catching :).

We saved big by going with kegs from a brewery for our beer from a pretty well known brewery with multiple locations in the PNW. We also had wine and a rum punch at the bar, but the beer was a huge hit with many of the guests. It was also a reflection of our personal taste, as my husband is a bit of a craft beer junkie. The chalkboard we made using chalk paint and hot glueing the tiles on. I wrote out the sign with a bistro pen, it is one of my favorite wedding keepsakes!

The only flower we had at our wedding was baby’s breath. And I wouldn’t have done it any other way. It was so classy and stunning and abundant and I am just in love with our flower choice. I think it stood out as unique. The symbolism of baby’s breath is purity of heart, innocence, and holiness. We bought 4 bundles from Costco (about 70 dollars each) and hand assembled the bouquets and made the boutinairres. It was a fun project for the bridesmaids and I to work on. It was extra special pinning the boutinairres on the groom and groomsmen. We also made a few extra boutinairres for the father of the bride and groom, our usher, and our officiant. That made them feel special too, I think :). A fun way to save money, no need for a florist!

I wanted to give gifts that were meaningful, that people would love and keep, and if possible could be used at the wedding. I found affordable Sheplers cowgirl boots and bought those for the bridesmaids. I also hand embroidered hankies for them and my mom and mom in law. Let me tell you, they came in handy! Lots of happy tears were scooped up by these dainty tear dryers. Much more elegant than tissue snot rags.

This is turning into my longest blog post ever haha. I’ll just do a photo collage of other crafts or I’ll never get to posting this!

*self explanatory pictures mostly. I included the bridesmaid dresses because we got a great deal on them! I found them on the J-Crew website for originally $250 and waited and waited and finally they were on final sale listed at $80. Then talking with a personal stylist she knocked down the price a little more! The girls looked like a million bucks!

Oh, and of course our mini wedding cake and one of the four cupcake flavors was vegan! Chocolate peanut butter with peanut butter frosting and a blackberry filling. OMG to die for. Like a glorified pb and j. πŸ™‚

And we danced all night! The End!

P.S. If you are planning a wedding and have any specific questions for me please leave a comment! I would be happy to share what I know and am an open book :).



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