July Cross Training Regimen


You know what is so awesome about summer? Being active without even having to try! Here is a sample week of my summer exercise regimen. I’m calling it cross training because right now I am training for a few races so my primary focus (other than general health/wellness/fitness) is to become a better, faster, more efficient runner. At the end of July I’ll be running my third half marathon and I am feeling ready now to really try and increase my speed! Also this will be the flattest course I’ve ever raced so I already expect a time improvement which for some reason is motivating me to increase my speed even more! Haha can’t explain why, but it is. I guess I’m excited by the possibility of being blown away with my time. Tangent!

Anyways, I am a lucky duck because for the first time in 6 years I have a 5 week gap in between jobs! During this time I will be moving from San Diego back to Eugene, Oregon :). One of the things I’ve decided to focus on during this time is getting into the best shape of my life, because when else am I going to have this much time to devote to that?! But I realize it is summer and so I am going to factor in the time for fun!

  • Biking! First thing on the agenda is to get a bike I adore. Eugene is one of the most bike friendly places, EVER! I can’t wait to bike everywhere, especially to and from the yoga studio a few miles away. I’m currently leaning towards a fast hybrid. Biking is such a fun way to sneak in cardio, I never even feel like I’m working out until the next day!
  • Yoga! I bought a groupon for one month unlimited hot yoga which I plan to use as much as possible and as my primary cross training method. EEEK can’t wait!!!
  • Gardening! Before I got into gardening, I never really realized that it is actually a very physical, labor intensive activity at times. A garden is definitely a labor of love, and I am so thrilled to have one at my own residence (many more posts on gardening to come in the future). I am planning to do some serious work in the garden atleast 4 days a week for a minimum of an hour. I think this will be enough time to keep the plants healthy and thriving :).
  • Swimming! One of the best things about summer in Oregon is the beautiful outdoors! I plan to be spending a lot of time swimming in the Willamette River, Fern Ridge, Dorena, and Triangle Lake, Wildwood Falls, rock slides, and other places I have yet to discover :).

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