What Vegans Can Eat on a Cruise

I recently went on my first ever cruise for my honeymoon! We went to Alaska with the Carnival cruise line. I’m not going to pretend that the cruise industry isn’t corrupt and isn’t awful for the environment. Although I do feel a bit guilty knowing what I know about the industry and taking the cruise anyways, I have to admit it was probably the best vacation of my LIFE. Alaska was so extremely breath takingly beautiful. Cruising through the Tracy Arm Fjord we saw countless humpback whales, dozens of bald eagles, and one black bear. GAH take me back. We nerded out and wore are binoculars basically 24/7 because there was always amazing sites to see! I will cherish the memories I have from the week for the rest of my life.

I was kind of worried about the food situation because what I knew about food on cruises was the 24 hour buffets, 3 course meals, yada yada yada. I won’t say I was 100% satisfied with the vegan selections, but I wasn’t unsatisfied if that makes sense. The up side is they have a fruit bar every day for breakfast and a salad bar every day for lunch and dinner. So there are always options. The down side is the fruit bar and salad bar was the exact same every day so that it got kind of boring. And the fruit wasn’t super fresh but I’m just glad they had the option. For the sit down dinners they always had an indian vegetarian option that I went with like 3 times. Once they had a tofu steak which was really tasty and once they had minestrone soup which was to die for.

Other than that there was always pb&js through room service, haha. They were also good about bringing soy milk if you order coffee to your room or a continental breakfast to go with cereal.  But getting non-dairy substitutes in the sit down restaurant or on the main dining deck was kind of a pain.

All in all I felt like there weren’t enough healthy options and everything was too oily. I was ready for fresh fruit and fresh veggies upon our final debarkation! Here are the food photos I documented with this specific blog post in mind:




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