Metaphoric Milestone Marker: A Fanny Pack Runner


This morning my last paycheck from my old job was direct deposited in my bank account. I woke up, made a french press, and thought about what to do on one of my final days in San Diego. This past week I have been doing a lot of packing, cleaning, thinking, and running. I realized 2 days ago when I got a blister on a trail run how desperately I needed to get new running shoes. Heck, I wrote a blog post about this dilemma literally months ago and I was way over due back then! Enough was enough. Also, it is HOT in San Diego now. I’ve definitely been sweating more than usual because for the first time I felt like I really needed to be carrying water and running fuel with me on anything longer than 5 miles. I NEVER though I’d be one of those runners sporting a fanny pack. But I made up my mind yesterday that I really should get one. Not only for the hydration and fuel, but it really is much safer to run with a phone and I am not trying to wear one of those big arm bands for my phone. Too clunky, it would drive me nuts; I use my lil ipod nano for music and it works like a charm. I literally went to 3 stores yesterday in search of a fanny pack: Goodwill, V-Outlet, and Rite Aid. Fail, fail, and fail. Yet another reason to scoot on over to Road Runners Sports. So I finished sipping my coffee and prepared myself for the daunting and time consuming task of buying a new pair of shoes.

Well, new-ish.

The Road Runners Sports down here has a huge clearance store which has both shoes on clearance and “lightly loved” shoes for a fraction of a cost if you purchase from the front store. Started my search out on the patio in the lightly loved section. Nothing.

Made my way to the shoes just on clearance. I must of tried on and trotted around the store literally I kid you not somewhere in between 15 and 25 pairs. Finally a kind store employee must have notice my desperation and my sincere determination to not leave the store without a pair. (Oh and usually the employees in the front are super annoyingly fake happy and pushy it literally drives me bananas. But the people in the back are much more relaxed and I much more appreciate it haha). She took a glance at my sad and worn down muddy glass slippers (aka Mizuno Wave Elixir 8) and she said she had a pair herself- I knew I liked this woman. I was currently in some sort of Asics Gel shoe and she exclaimed, “that’s actually a pretty comparable shoe to the Elixers!” and I said “I know it’s the first pair that seems to fit right, but it’s half a size too large!!” Sad face. She then disappeared to the stock room and ten minutes later came back with 2 pairs of shoes: a slightly different pair of Asics and a Saucony. Both were the best fit of the day. After 25 minutes more of deliberation I decided on the Asics, yippee!


Feeling proud of myself for finding a pair of originally $140 shoes for $70, I aloud myself to pick up the Nike shorts above because they looked fricken comfortable and cute and it matched this one sports bra I just bought the other day and… wait I don’t need to justify my decisions :). As I was checking out I saw the Timex sports watch for $19 and looked down at the Mio watch on my wrist whose timer function has been broken for weeks. I looked back at the Timex. “F*** it, it matches my new shoes anyways” I exclaimed to the employees behind the register as I tossed it onto the counter; they had a good chuckle.

There were no fanny packs in the clearance store so I did the thing I try and avoid- went to the main store. I quickly found a Camelback pack with a perfect sized water bottle and snagged a box of the ridiculously overpriced energy goos from Cliff that I embarrassingly enjoy (mocha flavor all the way) and high tailed it out of there.

The whole excursion took almost 3 hours. But it was worth it because I got ALL that stuff for less than the original cost of the shoes!

When I got home I laid out my new stuff (along with the never worn sports bra). I looked down and was kind of flabbergasted and admittedly proud. This is what I choose to spend my money on, surviving the long runs in comfort. Who am I, and when did I become one of those fanny pack runners? I remember a few years ago seeing those fanny pack runners and admiring them and being inspired by them, never thinking one day I would be one of them. Really, a fanny pack runner in all their geeky glory is kinda like a unicorn in my mind :P. Feeling very happy, I took the tags off, put 2 goos and my phone in the pack, filled the water bottle, got dressed, laced up, figured out the timer function on the new watch, and was off :).

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