Eugene Half Marathon Race Recap

Last Sunday I ran my third half marathon, the Eugene Half!

Things I did right:

1. Woke up 2 hours before the start time (I live a 3 minute drive from the beginning of the course and the hubby dropped me off so I didn’t have to factor in traffic and parking). My goal in waking up that early was to give myself time to fuel and “clean house” at home if you catch my drift (haha bathroom humor).

2. Ate breakfast. 2 large bananas. I’m sticking with bananas pre races from now on. It’s so simple and filling and energizing. Sometimes I buy into the “eat carbs!!!!” Before the race but just stick with your normal routine (see below in the what I did wrong section).

3. Trained with fuel. I am so glad I took the piece of advice from Monica @ RunEatRepeat. The first long run I trained with the mocha flavored Cliffbar gel I got a massive stomach cramp, but my body adapted very quickly. I’m just glad I didn’t try it out the first time on the course.

4. Set a realistic goal for myself without having too high of expectations (see below in the where I’ll go from here section).

5. Made a playlist with music that primarily had high bpms to keep my foot revolution quick.

Things I did wrong:

1. Over used athletic tape on a blister which resulted in a much worse blister. Whoops.

2. Drank probably too much caffeine. I didn’t feel overly jittery but I think it really contributed to post race dehydration. My recovery nap was much longer than ones in the past and I think this might be the root of that.

3. Ate noodles for dinner. I should have stuck with carbs my body is more used to digesting like potatoes and a bunch of roasted veggies and maybe a big green salad. I was overly full off the noodles, no need to carboload when you already eat a high carb diet ( duh, silly me).

4. Didn’t properly hydrate the few days before the race. I should have gotten in probably 3 liters of water a day given the heat of summer. Whoops.

Things that are awesome about the Eugene Marathon

  1. The running history of Track Town USA (I love living here!)
  2. The flatness of the course.
  3. Finishing on Hayward Field Track.
  4. The scenic route crossing the Willamette twice and running in Alton Baker Park.
  5. The spectators! The whole town seems to watch, it’s adorable, all the kids on the corners still in their pajamas.

Where I’ll go from here:

My first race my goal was just to finish. The second time around I wanted to improve my time, which I did by 15 minutes. This time I had an actual time “goal” range which was 2:10-2:15. That comes out to between a 9:50-10:15 mile pace. My thinking was, if I get in this range I feel ready to start training for a full marathon. My final time was 2:18, but I did have to stop around mile 4 for a bathroom break which set me back at least 4 minutes. So all in all I feel that I basically achieved my goal (I’m not a very precise person haha). It’s been 5 days since the race and now that my fatty blister has healed and I took my first post race 5k run (on still a bit tiered legs I’ll admit), I find myself undecided on whether the next race I register for will be a full or half. I’m also considering switching things up and doing a tough mudder or similar mud run, which are still pretty long (like 10-ish miles) with crazy fun obstacles added in. Decisions, decisions!

P.S. Loved “The Blerch” posters. 

4 thoughts on “Eugene Half Marathon Race Recap

  1. Ok, I don’t want to be a total creeper. But I live in Oregon too.! Lol. And I noticed your no meat athlete banner. So cool that you’re a vegan.! I hope to be one day.

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