The Maintenance Mile (with your Mate)

One of my favorite scenes from any movie ever- The jogging scene in Silver Linings Playbook

Yesterday I was running the neighborhood mile loop with my husband after work. This is something I try to do as frequently as possible. It’s a great way to unwind and de-stress. It’s fun to run without the headphones for a change and is just a special 15 minutes for me to connect with him.

I coined it the “Maintenance Mile”. It’s a mile I want to be able to run for the long haul. Even if I am training and go on a long run in the morning, I want to cap the day with it in the evening. If some day down the road I lose interest in running and become more into biking, rowing, climbing, or dancing, I always want to keep the Maintenance Mile part of my regimen.

What am I maintaining with this mile? My sanity, I suppose. The idea of the maintenance mile is to clear the cob webs, clear out any junk in your brain, and enjoy the area you live in.

I suggest you give it a try by yourself or with a partner. It is goofy and just buckets of fun. :).

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