Cinnamon Banana Ice Cream

banana ice cream

This recipe is SO easy and SO yummy! Seriously. Anyone who is afraid to give up dairy because of their love of ice cream- this recipe is for you. It is full of flavor, refreshing, creamy… it’s spectacular! And best of all it is a truly healthy dish :). Ice cream for breakfast? Heck ya! I enjoyed my ice cream pictured above with an espresso… so good :).

All you need to do is blend 2 frozen bananas, 1/4 cup of almond milk, and cinnamon to taste. If you have vanilla extract on hand, add a tiny splash of that too. Blend and serve.

Tip: The best way to freeze banana is to peel it and cut it into smaller chunks. It will make blending easier, especially if you don’t have a super powerful blender.

I hope you enjoy!

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