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My Fruit Filled Travels in Israel

OK if you read my last post, I’m sorry I kind of lied. I said my next post would be a Race Recap of the Seattle Marathon, but that is going to have to wait because I just got back from ten days in Israel and I have to rave about the food.

This is pretty much what my hotel breakfasts would consist of no matter what city: Cucumbers, olives, citrus fruits, and coffee. I’m not kidding when I say fruits and vegetables just taste better there! More flavorful, it is crazy.


On my first day in Israel I went to this little vegan restaurant in Chaifa called Buddha Burger. It was BOMB. I got a vegan Shwarma burrito (made out of Seitan), the flavor was RIDICULOUS. Definitely not something I recommend eating every day, it felt very heavy (I could only comfortably eat half of my burrito but it was so good I ate 75% and gave myself a tummy ache haha). I am so glad I got to try it! I would have never known to visit here if it weren’t for my vegetarian Israeli friend. Apparently there are 6 Buddha Burgers in Israel, I highly recommend checking it out!


Probably the most important and profound food discovery I made in Israel: I no longer have a distaste for raw tomatoes! I, dare I say, enjoyed them there! This is truly life changing, call me dramatic but I am completely serious. Did you know the cherry tomato was invented in Israel? My miraculous discovery of being a tomato-liking (dare I say loving?) convert happened at a farm called “The Salad Trail”. It is named this because as you explore the farm you get to eat everything (as much as you care for!) From the Cumquats to the strawberries to the herbs to the cucumbers to the tomatoes! They had about a dozen varieties of tomatoes, and there wasn’t one I tried that I didn’t like! This is proof that either taste buds really do change, or fruits and vegetables are just better in Israel, or both (I tend to think both). If you get the chance you must go to this place!


I had my fill of ooey-gooey dates and persimmons from street markets as well. Ahhhhhhh, so good. Seriously, if I could eat every day like I did in Israel, I think I would. So simple, so easy to be healthy, and SO YUMMY!!!

photo 2-3photo 3-3

I will say one negative about Israeli cuisine. It will ruin hummus for you. Sorry, it will never be as creamy and heavenly as it was there. It just won’t.

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