5 Home Gym Essentials

Home Gym

Here is a list of at-home exercise equipment I love to use when I can’t make it to the gym or don’t feel like going on a run! Some of these items are totally portable and can be brought to the gym to enhance the quality of your work out. It is nothing super fancy, but it gets the job done! My favorite thing about all of these items? They are AFFORDABLE!

1. Jump Rope. If you have been following my blog since the beginning, you will know that I am kind of obsessed with jump roping. It gets your heart rate up, quickly! Plus with just a little bit of practice you can do some pretty cool tricks :). Check out this past post if you want a great jump rope work out.

2. Kettlebell. We have a Gold’s Gym 25lb kettlebell. Honestly, it’s a bit on the heavy side for me, but it’s great for the hubby. And when I do use it, I can definitely feel it the next day. Kettlebell swings are just really fun and kinda make me feel like Wonder Woman.

3. Yoga Mat. Trust me, you need one. I’ve had my purple yoga mat since freshman year of college when I “bought it” at the student rec for 20 bucks (AKA charged it to my student account- those were the days). I should REALLY probably get a new one. I’ve had to hose it down on more than one occasion. That thing has seen me through dozens of sweaty Bikram yoga classes, yoga in the park (meaning covering the Geese poop covered park lawn…tmi & gross, sorry), camping trips, etc. etc. I got the carrying strap for like 6 bucks on clearance, which was totally worth it because it makes for easy transportation on foot or bike.

4. Weighted vest. I forget the exact weight, but I think it is 15 lbs. Could be 10. Could be 20. I really don’t remember. Try planking, jump roping, running, or any exercise wearing one of these. Instantly makes any work out more efficient. I remember being skeptical buying it, wondering if it would be worth it. It TOTALLY was. You might feel slightly awkward wearing it in a public work out space the first time, but I got over that quickly. Whoever has enough time to pay attention to you at the gym isn’t focusing on their own work out anyways!

5. Resistance band. This is great because you can use it for flexibility training to deepen a stretch, or strength training with arm curls. It is a very versatile piece of equipment, and takes up virtually no space.

I didn’t include my weighted Hoola Hoop in the top 5 count, but it’s in the picture because I really do love it! try watching your favorite hour-long TV series hooping the whole time rather than sitting on the couch! Your abs will feel it the next day for sure! (If you are just beginning you can take breaks at commercial)

What are YOUR favorite home gym essentials?? Please leave a comment and let me know! I’m thinking I have to do a future blog post on my exercise equipment wish list :).

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