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Thoughts on Self Love (& Some Link Love)

bloomdarlingWriters note: This blogpost turned out very “Everything is coming up roses and daffodils.” And you know what? That is fine by me :). There is  some profanity, so it’s not too goody-goody, right?

Today I had the realization that I have been letting outside influences affect my own perception of myself. It’s pretty easy to unconsciously start negative self talking when it feels like there is negative energy surrounding you.

But I was driving to the airport to pick up a friend, and the sun was shining bright, reminding me that spring officially starts in like 24ish hours, and that ultimately I can choose to not let the negativity get to me.

In fact, I feel like it is my responsibility to counteract that negativity with sincere positivity. What feels right and true to me is that we need to be beacons of light and help others shine! Or bloom, to keep with the spring metaphor.

When I returned from the airport, I turned to Pinterest for some inspiration and insight on how to rectify the situation. How to rekindle my spirit. How to banish the negativity. As always, Pinterest did not disappoint, and helped me discover some great blogs! First, I found this Amy Poehler Quote:


Originally posted on bitsotruth.blogspot.com (love this blog!) Well, that is great advice Amy. But let’s be real. Sometimes you cannot kick the negativity to the curb, whether it’s a person, place, or thing.

What you can do is “kick it to the curb” in the emotional sense. Not letting the negativity into your heart. I happen to be extremely sensitive. I definitely could use thicker skin, but it is just not how I’m hard wired. But I like the imagery of a strong heart wall, for a strong heart. It doesn’t mean closing yourself off, it means that you can be selective on what you let in. IDK, maybe I’m talking out my ass here.

loveyourselfThis one linked to the blog Ambitious Kitchen (Newly subscribed!) YES. Just yes.

And the last quote I found, which is probably my favorite and also the one that inspired my original word art originated from Self Love U (Love!) I really couldn’t say it better myself.



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