3 Tactics for Eating Healthfully on Work Days


Keeping to a healthy food regimen can be difficult in many work places. My workplace always has a pantry stocked with plenty of snacks and treats for college students, most of which I wouldn’t classify as healthy. I do find it a bit of a struggle to maintain a healthy food regimen on work days, but it is important to me. These are the tactics that work best for me.

1. Keep a fruit/food basket in your personal office space. I find it easier to bring a bulk load of food and keep my office stocked for a few days rather than pack a lunch every single day. Having healthy options right in front of me makes it easier to avoid the not-so-healthy snacks that are always readily available downstairs at work.

2. Have a go-to walking distance restaurant. I like to “treat” myself out to lunch 1-2 times a week. Stretch those leggies. There are lots of reasonably priced eats since I’m on a university campus. My main go-to is a teriyaki place that has a broccoli stir-fry. Yes it is oily, but it is also a ton of nutrient-rich broccoli! My other fall-back is a Cafe Yumm bowl, vegan style (they sub dairy for extra avocado or carrots and cabbage at no extra charge).

3. Take an actual lunch break. It’s ok to set aside half an hour to an hour of your work day. If I don’t take this break for myself, I find my overall productivity for the day actually decreases (and I’m more likely to graze and graze). Lunchtime is my personal time to recharge. 4. Take walking/phone call breaks. If you are super focused on a task, you could be using a trip to the pantry/kitchen as an excuse to take a well deserved break, even though you aren’t actually hungry. At these moments I like to take a walk and call my sister (she is the only person on the universe I can just talk on the phone with haha- I’m really not a phone talker).

I’m super curious; what are your favorite tips for keeping a healthy food regimen at work?

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