My 5 favorite Podcasts!


You guys- I am kind of a podcast Junkie. It started out innocently enough; I would listen to one podcast once a week and that was my fill. But then I was training for the Portland Marathon this summer and I needed a third option to listen to while hitting the streets. My playlists can get repetitive and Audible can get expensive (don’t get me wrong, I love me some audiobooks). I actually went to the Public library and finally got a library card which comes with like thousands of free audiobooks (so go to your local library and get on that ish), but by the time I registered my library card I was into my full blown, current podcast addiction. So I haven’t used the library apps or audible to download a single book haha.

There are so many things I love about listening to Podcasts. I love that I can educate myself while getting ready for and commuting to and from work. I like that once you are a regular listener you can really know a lot about the podcasters life, personality, and story. I love the amazing people that they interview. I just love podcasts!!! Haha. Here is a list of the 5 podcasts I have stuck with and why I love them.  Each description is also actually a review I left in iTunes because that is the best way to show podcasters some love :).

The 5 am Miracle:
5 am miracle
The 5 am Miracle was my gateway drug into the world of podcasts (So thank you, Jeff!). I don’t even remember how I found this podcast… I think I was googling “Productivity” and his website came up. I was not an early riser when I started listening to him, save for the few mornings I forced myself out of bed in the frigid cold before dawn to get some training runs in for the 2014 Seattle Marathon. I still am not consistantly able to get my butt out of bed as early as I would like, but he definitely inspired me to become more of a morning person and start my days off in a better mood :). His show isn’t really so much about early mornings, but it is all about how to be a productive, energetic, goal-oriented human. His enthusiasm is pretty epic and something I hope to emulate in my life.

On Air with Ella:on air with ella
One of my favorite podcasts, if not my favorite. Ella is super motivating, funny, insightful, and inspiring. Lots of head-nodding and “yup, that’s me” moments when I listen.

Your Kick-Ass Life:
I kinda wish Andrea was my BFF. I love how real this girl is. I found her podcast from when she was interviewed at On Air with Ella. So Glad! I’ve actually been going back and listening from episode 1 :). Andrea, you are speaking my language!

Another Mother Runner:
This is a fun one for any runner girls. At first I thought it was sort of weird that I was listening to a podcast with “Mother” in the title when I am not a mom yet, but don’t let the name fool you. The banter between these two multi-state runner friends (Sarah’s in Oregon, Dimity is in Colorado) is pretty darn cute and funny… Sometimes I feel like I’m weirdly eavesdropping on two friends playing catch up on the phone haha. I love hearing their unique perspectives on running and balancing that passion with motherhood and everything else that life entails. These women keep it real and inspire me! I really need to find a BRF (Best Running Friend)…

Marathon Training Academy:
If you have ever thought about wanting to tackle the Marathon distance I highly recommend this podcast. Even if the Marathon isn’t your preferred distance but you love running they cover all sorts of running related topics. This Married-duo has been in the podcasting for quite awhile and they interview some fascinating and well known people in the running community. I get something out of each episode I listen to, and Angie and Trevor are pretty funny (Angie is very Type A, Trevor seems pretty Type B).

So yay, that’s my favorite podcast list! I really want to know, are there any podcasts that you love that I need to check out?? Let me know in the comments!

Side Note: I have to say that I am pretty bummed because September 2015 came and went and it was the first month since starting this blog 2 years ago that I didn’t publish a singe post. September is probably the busiest time of year for me with my full-time gig with the starting of the academic year and the Jewish High Holidays. I was fully aware that I didn’t post- it’s not like I forgot. I actually have a few drafted posts waiting to be completed- but since I didn’t want to publish half-baked content I consciously decided to hold off posting rather than rushing them out just to have never missed a month. Hopefully I can get back into posting more regularly :).

2 thoughts on “My 5 favorite Podcasts!

  1. Well, what a pleasant surprise this is! I just popped over here to thank you for your iTunes Review, and to let you know that I mentioned you in my latest post at Thanks for the podcast love, Rebecca! You’ve mentioned some of my personal faves 🙂 Best, Ella

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