Chickpea + Kale Salad


Okay so I saw this post from the Minimalist Baker on pinterest and it looked so yummy I headed to the grocery store to pick up ingredients to mimic the recipe. I am pretty terrible at following recipes, so I just made a mental note of the ingredients and figured I could recreate something similar and tasty. I would work off the original recipe for the true-blue recipe followers.

For the chickpeas I literally just doused them in the spices I had on hand- smoked paprika, coriander, garlic powder, onion powder, chili pepper, and salt.

The dressing I blended up in the Vitamix: 5 roasted garlic cloves, two lemons, 1/4 raw cashews, 1/4 sesame seeds, 1/4 olive oil, salt, pepper, 1 Roma tomato.

The result is yummy, garlicky, tasty, spicy, good!

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