Healthy Veggie Soup!


So I was feeling super groggy and also like I needed a detoxifying few days where I could just reset my body. Naturally, I thought to make a huge vat of soup! This recipe is so easy, and full of nutrients and fiber!

To make the stock:
At the bottom of the biggest pot you have, sauté in E.V.O.O. lots of minced garlic (I was lazy and bought the jar), 5 carrots chopped, an entire bunch of celery chopped, and 2 large white onions diced.

Once that beautiful smell permeates your house and all the veggies are nice and soft add a bunch of water. Add to the mix cherry tomatoes, 2 heads of cabbage, and a bunch of italian parsley.

Voila! Soup for the week! Or package in storage containers and keep in your freezer for single servings whenever you are feel a cold coming on. Bust that cold and/or cleanse out all the junk in your system!

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