5 Fridge Hacks for Healthful Eating


I absolutely love when my fridge is beautiful. I will literally sit on the floor, cleaning out everything. the door bings at me like 3 times because it has been open too long when I go on my organization mission haha. Here are some tips for a winning fridge:

  1. Organize/designate shelves. I take the top two shelves and put all of my husband-only foods on the bottom shelves or drawers. All of the condiments, small jars, etc can go on the door shelving.
  2. Pre-wash and Pre-chop your food. Makes for easy snack grabbing.
  3. Don’t use lids. I do this for two reasons. The first is it motivates me to eat the healthy foods before they go bad. The second is that it makes for easy snack grabbing. It’s all about convenience!
  4. Organize the food in a way where nothing is hiding behind another item. I hate when something is blocked, I forget that it’s there, and then it goes bad before I even see it.
  5. Clean out your fridge at least once a week. This prevents it from getting disgusting.What are your fridge hacks?!

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