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10 Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Exercise Regimen

Dog Walking and Horseback Riding are two of my absolute favorite forms of exercise. I love running and jump roping and tolerate weight training too (kinda), but I think it’s great to mix things up to ensure that your regimen impacts more than just your physical health. I also think if you do a lot of high impact exercise, it is a smart idea to pair these activities with low impact and gentler activities. The word that comes to mind is longevity. Ask yourself the following questions about your exercise regimen and I challenge you to make any beneficial changes according to your answers!

1. Does it bring you joy?
2. Are you motivated to do it frequently enough?
3. Does it de-stress or cause you distress?
4. Does it vary in intensity?
5. Are you motivated to improve at it?
6. Is it financially burdensome?
7. Does it consume too much of your time/energy?
8. Does it energize you?
9. Why do you do it?
10. Is it something you can foresee enjoying for years to come?

Just some questions to get you thinking critically! ❤


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