Eating Healthfully at Your 8-5 Desk Job

There is something about a change in routine that makes forming new habits so much easier. With my new job has come a new food regimen, and I am loving it! I also have a new fitness regimen, which I will save for another post.

Basically Monday through Friday I am finding that my meals consist of some variation of this simple equation: Fruit for breakfast, Salad/Veggies for lunch, rice or potatoes for dinner. I do change it up a bit, like sometimes dinner leftovers for lunch, but I find that this simple guideline (fruit for breakfast, salad for lunch, rice or potatoes for dinner) keeps things simple, keeps me on a healthy eating track, and makes me feel amazing and full of energy. I do realize that this is a very carbohydrate-dense way of eating. I am not suggesting that this is the optimal way of eating for everyone, and I do believe every body is different and will thrive on a unique macro-nutrient ratio. But this is what is working great for me! My main food sources of fat and protein are my tried and true backyard eggs, hummus, avocado, and beans.

I snapped a few photos of my work breakfasts and lunches, which you can see below 🙂




IMG_4759Breakfast 1: 2 bananas, 2 nectarines, an apple
Breakfast 2: two apples, 3 tangerines, handful of dried mulberries
Breakfast 3: 4 delicious nectarines!

*Note: I am a coffee drinker. I start work at 8:00 am, and I am just not ready for breakfast until atleast 9:30, maybe 10:00.


Lunch 1: Salads prepped for the week (and some banana oat muffins for snacks)
Lunch 2: Leftover Cucumber “Pad Thai” Salad (I need to make this again ASAP)
Lunch 3: Occasionally I’m rushing out the door and haven’t prepared lunch. So… SUSHI :).
Lunch 4: Literally brought a head of romaine, a cucumber, and a can of minestrone… (lazy)

Tip 1: Monday morning bring in individual hummus cups, carrot chips, and plenty of fruit so you don’t resort to the vending machine when you want a snack. I keep a basket at m work station which usually has bananas and apples.
Tip 2: Keep salad dressing in the office fridge!
Tip 3: If you are a coffee drinker, a money saving tip is bringing in coffee grinds and a french press!


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