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{Weekend Recap #1} Fishing, berry picking, gardening, and “fireworks”

Once upon a time, I had a really magical weekend. That time was this past weekend, if we’re getting specific…


My sister and her boyfriend came down from Portland on Friday night and stayed at our house. On Saturday the four of us went fishing, which has to go down in history as one of my favorite days ever. It was hilarious and absolutely gorgeous. We planned to leave the house by 8 am after staying up past 2 am (HA!). Even once we left the house at close to 10 we had like a billion pit-stops (coffee run, gas at Costco, fishing licenses, and more snacks and libations for the coolers). We were all bickering with each other until my sis caught the first fish, which like a light switch caused us all to be in a state of delirious, euphoric excitement and anticipation.

We caught 8 fish total! The boys cleaned them up and we headed to my in-laws for a victorious fish fry dinner. Of course when we got there, we all were charged with the task of picking a pale of blueberries (it’s an all hands on deck with the blueberry patch they have!). My mother in law made a gorgeous feast using recipes from the Thug Kitchen vegan recipe book we gifted her for Mother’s Day, which combined with the fish, was truly a spectacular meal.

Sunday Jon and I just mainly did work around the house. I planted two varieties of radishes and some scallions. Can’t wait to harvest!


Monday was the 4th of July and I ran a local 10k race, and it went really well, but I’ll save that for another post! After that I was pretty tired. For the first time we decided to keep the 4th super low key (turns out our dog is not a fan of fireworks, shocker), take care of our scaredy-dog, and went to bed early. I did make potato salad and veggie dogs topped with backyard eggs in honor of the holiday, and watched from the bed of the truck as my hubby played with the lamest fireworks known to man. He grew up in California and was deprived of the joy of fireworks.

All in all, a great summer weekend in the books! 🙂


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