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Book Review: Born to Run by Christopher McDougall

born to run.png

What can I say about this book that hasn’t already been said? Probably nothing. I read this book well over a year ago.

What I liked about it: A lot! Christopher McDougall is a fantastic writer. I wouldn’t say that I am particularly drawn to travel/adventure books. Fun fact: I’m kind of a home body. And flying terrifies me. I love road trips, visiting national parks, etc. But my desire for international travel is minimal. I suppose reading is a wonderful way to scratch the travel itch from the comfort of your home. Reading this book, I really felt like I could picture myself in the canyons of Mexico, running with Tarahumara. Pretty rad.

McDougall’s character description and analysis was so fun to read. I wanted the badass chick who parties hard and runs for days to be my best friend. I wanted to eat beans from a bag with Caballo Blanco and pick his brain on a long sweaty run under the sun in the canyon cracks. I thought it was quite funny how McDougall paints himself as pretty much a wimp compared to his “comrades”. It really was quite the cast of characters.

What I didn’t like: Not much. If I remember correctly at times it did feel a little lengthy and some scenarios seemed to drag on, but for the vast majority of the considerably sized book I was truly captivated.

Would I recommend this book? 100% yes. Cautionary disclaimer: If you don’t consider yourself a runner, and have no desire to become one, best not to read this one. You WILL be inspired to at least make a go of the sport :).

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