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[Weekend Recap #2] [WIA #5] Friends, Beer, Running, River Play & Farm Fun!

Another great summer weekend is in the books :). Our college roommate JT came to visit, so the old trio gang was back in full force!

Naturally, this involved drinking. But lots of running still took place!

I was kind of stressed because i missed my 3 mile tempo run on thursday getting the house in shape for guests (more on their way this weekend!). My long run was supposed to be 6 miles on Saturday. JT was game to run with me and Barley, so I adjusted the miles back to 4. This left me 5 miles short of scheduled miles. So even though Sunday was supposed to be my rest day, I cranked out 4.6 miles while they were at lunch, putting me basically at the weekly mileage I should be at.

Friday night we went to the Beer Garden.


After the run on Saturday we spent most of the day playing in the Mckenzie River at my in laws :). And by playing, I mean JT and Jon were hunting for Crawdads (is that how you spell that?), while my friend Brendan and I built a river rock wall to make a little pool in-let. Saturday night I was DD and watched fascinated and slightly horrified by all the Pokemon zombies. Yea, I was drinking coffee… I was exhausted from the run and heavy lifting of river rocks!


Sunday we enjoyed views from the butte, went to Lone Pine farms, where the boys acted like children while I bought salad supplies :), and then we visited Misty.

Butte ViewFarm Life

What I ate: Saturday after the run I was starving. I heated a whole can of refried black beans, added pickled jalapenos, 2 fresh jalapenos (diced), half a white onion (diced), and two sunny side up eggs (with sriracha and Yumm Sauce of course). I snacked on that all the way to my in laws, ate more of it there. Sheila made an amazing spread (as always) and vegan corn chowder. Sunday morning I had a huge blueberry smoothie alongside my coffee and water (frozen blueberries, coconut milk, and a tablespoon of coconut oil to keep me full for the run). In the afternoon I made a salad with the ingredients I picked up at Lone Pine Farms


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