3 Tips for Getting Past a Slow Run

Yay!! My new running shoes arrived yesterday. They are my 3rd pair of Mizuno Wave Riders (you can see my Great Running Shoe Dilemma here). They are my tried and true favorites, by far.

The measly 2 miles at 7 pm yesterday in the 85 degree weather were a total slog fest. I had no energy. 😕 that’s ok though, because sometimes you just got to stick to the training plan and let the two easy miles be slow if that’s what feels “easy.” Believe me there was nothing easy about getting my butt off the couch. Did I feel better after the run? Yes.

I was hoping for a redemption 3 mile tempo run today and was trying not to get sucked into the rabbit hole of doubt and negative self talk. And it worked! I’m reading the book Running Within by Jerry Lynch and Warren Scott, and it is helping me with my mental strategy.

1. Don’t read to much into it.
Rather than letting one slow run mean that I am a slow runner, I am getting better at recognizing negative self talk and shutting it up.

2. Visualize Success.
I visualized my 3 mile run, knowing the loop around my house well. I pictured it going well and going fast and feeling good.

3. Consider ditching the music.
I am experimenting with running without music. I feel like music is a useful tool but also a crutch. I always thought I would be so bored or not motivated running without music, but that hasn’t been the case so far.

Alright! I’m off to San Francisco for a wedding! Hoping to squeeze a long run in in Golden Gate Park!

4 thoughts on “3 Tips for Getting Past a Slow Run

    1. Nice! I once saw a Pin on Pinterest that said something along the lines of “It never gets easy, you just get better.” Sounds about right to me. In my experience it does get easier, and some runs feel easy, but that means its just a run at a lower effort, which are super important to incorporate into your runnung regimen! Do you run with headphones? 🙂

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