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Weekend Recap #3: Road trip, trail run, & wedding fun! Plus Car and Airport Yoga :)

Wow. ever since I began doing these weekend recaps, I’m definitely realizing I live for my weekends!

Jonathan and I left Eugene at the crack of dawn, accompanied by our friend Kevin and his GF Ava, who are visiting from China! It’s Ava’s first time in the states, and she is pretty hilarious. Kevin is one of the funniest people I know, so the car ride went really fast! That is until we hit Bay area traffic (BOOOO… I don’t understand how people cope with traffic like that!!!) before bumper to bumper car yoga/bladder holding commenced, we listened to the entire Hamilton soundtrack, talked bathroom humor, and made top 5 lists.

11 hours later we dropped Kevin and Ava off at a Cal Train station, and finally made it to the cute Airbnb in South San Francisco we stayed at with my parents in law, brother in law, and his girlfriend.

I freaking love airbnb! so much more fun and convenient than hotel stays. we got to hang out as a fam, make large pots of coffee, do laundry, etc.

Friday night a few friends met up with us and we walked to Armstong Brewing Co, where we played a fun game similar to cards against humanity but involving saying weird phrases in particular accents (I won :)).

Saturday I went on an absolutely beautiful trailrun with our family friend Benita and her doggy Carma.

According to my training plan I was supposed to do my 8 mile long run.I looked up the trail online and it was a 7.2 out and back, which would have been close enough to satisfy me. I knew it would be a tough uphill workout, (the trail was rated difficult), but I feeling up to the challenge. Just past mile 2 the steepness of the trail went wayyyyyy up. I pushed myself up another half mile. At 2.5 miles I decided to take a few pics, enjoy the view, and turn back around. I was terrified of blowing out my knee on the downhill if I continued the climb. I ran back a mile until I crossed paths with Benita and Carma. We fast-paced walked back to the car. I’m sitting on the plane now on Sunday as I type this, and I’m debating whether or not to keep today a rest day or go on a 5-8 mile run to makeup the mileage when I’m back home.

after the run we met up with the rest of the Fam at Joe’s at Westlake. That restaurant is super old school San Francisco. It’s where Jonathan’s parents went on their first date! They remodeled it last year but kept the retro vibe. It was super cool :). I split a salmon Greek salad with Benita, and got a cup of minestrone. Omg yummmmm.

After lunch we made a pit stop at an awesome store called Chef’s Outlet. Super sweet deals, but we just looked around.

Then it was time to primp for the wedding! We had so much fun getting ready.

It was a sweet little wedding in a San Francisco park named Stern Grove. Beautiful setting! My brother in law was the officiant :). A food truck catered, Little Red Riding Truck. I got a vegan braut with hot sauerkraut and potatoes. Omg yum. We had fun drinking, photoboothing, and dancing the night away :).

We switched the car keys for airplane tickets for our return trip (in laws flew down and are driving back).

Car yoga on the way down, airport yoga on the way home?! I saw the sign for the Yoga room and was like wha?!? Gotta check it out. It was pretty sweet! They had mats and even had a foam roller!! The foam roller was pretty weak, but weak foam rolling action is better than nothing at all!

What else is there to say? This weekend ruled! I can’t wait for the coast with my family next weekend.
Okay I have to put my phone in airplane mode now… See you soon Eugene!

2 thoughts on “Weekend Recap #3: Road trip, trail run, & wedding fun! Plus Car and Airport Yoga :)

  1. Wow! I’m loving living vicariously through your weekend. The wedding looks really sweet. Sounds like a perfect weekend. I’m glad you are in on the Airbnb scene — that’s really how we travel now whenever we can.

    Our weekend was much more sedate but also fun. We went out to our friends’ woodlot yesterday. It’s right on the Siuslaw river. Sat by the river drank tea and had a picnic. Gorgeous Oregon day. Saw a new kind of lizard we’ve never seen in Oregon before and of course, the ever cute Pacific Salamanders. ‘Squitos not too bad. And Mongolian Bar-B-Que for dinner.

    1. 🙂 Thanks for reading! The wedding was super sweet. I’ve never been to the Siuslaw river, but tea and picnic by the river can only be magical. ❤ Isn't living in Oregon the best?!

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