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Weekend Recap #4: Oregon Coast Bliss

This is my current view as I type this on Sunday, August 7th:

We’re on 101 heading South, in the forested elements. It’s kind of crazy that yesterday we had perfect weather:

Driving in this weather gives me major anxiety. Luckily Jon is a great driver. It’s drives like this that make me grateful we got the Silverado. We are 26 miles from Tillamook… Ha! Everything reminds me of marathons when I’m training for one… Anywho, rather than nervously stare out on the road I am going to distract myself by typing this post! atleast one of us is calm…

Friday: I changed my screen saver to a starry night sky over Haystack rock in Cannon Beach so I could spend all day anticipating the trip. I packed on Thursday night so we could hit the road the minute I got home from work.

I’d be lying if I said we didn’t listen to the entire Hamilton soundtrack again… LOL. #nerds. To be fair though, we turned down the music and spent the last 5ish songs coming up with a hilarious backstory of Peggy Schuyler. Lol, I’m gunna miss you Kevin.

I was so happy to bring Barley. It was his second time at the Beach! Dogs appreciate the ocean air even more than humans do :).

Jon’s feet, not mine. lol

We got to Cannon Beach around 8:30. It was my first time staying at my mom’s boyfriend’s family beach house. It was great! 4 bedrooms, two stories, very 80s beachy.
We had the Olympics opening ceremony playing in the background while coloring and chatting with my mom, doing logic puzzles, and drinking whiskey on ice. You know, beach things.

I woke up at 7:30 am and took Barley on a walk to the beach. Basically no one was out, save for a few runners I saw getting there run on :).

We (me jon ava kevin) were in charge of Saturday breakfast. we prepared a veggie scramble, sour dough English muffins, watermelon, and bacon to appease the meat lovers. I’m posting the pic of the table before the bacon was plated, because it looks more appetizing IMO and it’s my blog. :).

After breakfast Kevin, Ava, Jon, Barley and I went to Seaside. My training plan called for a 6 mile run, so while they played in town Barley and I began our run on the Promenade (“the prom”).

We started close to town which is about the midpoint of the prom, ran to the south end, to the north end, passed the south end again to the Vista Point Southern most part of Seaside, by Tillamook Head. That was 4 miles, and then I took my shoes off and we did our final mile on the beach, back to downtown. It was such a fun run! 5 miles not 6, but running on the sand is like double the workout, right? Basically 6 ;). Barley did a good job with weaving through all the distractions (people, children, other dogs, bikes). I’m always proud of Barley after a long run like that. Having him as my running buddy has really bonded us, I love him in all his quirky glory.

We went back to Cannon beach, and the beachy fog lifted! It was actually like 75 degrees and sunny by 1 pm.

For lunch we went to Tom’s, which I found on Yelp to be the afforadble fish n chip joint. We weren’t disappointed!

My sister Alicia and her boyfriend were due to get in around 3 so after lunch Jon and I walked back to the beach house while Kevin and Ava shopped around for tchachkes.

Alicia and I had already decided on the phone earlier this week that we were going to get in the ocean. Most people think we are insane to do such a thing. But we did it! When we were kids we used to get in the water at seaside, and so why not now? It was freezing. And hilarious. And amazing. When I finally was waste deep and summoned the courage to dip under right after a wave past, it was the most alive, cleansing feeling. Maybe that sounds cliche or sappy, but it’s true. Let’s face it: being an adult is really stressful. Our lives are full of stress. But at that moment, playing and laughing in the ocean with my sis, I felt so free and happy and full of childlike wonder. :). I hope by typing this now I will be able to recall the feeling for years to come. Building a drip sandcastle also brought me back.

After dinner we went back to Seaside to catch the 9 o clock Fascination special. If you have never played Fascination, you are missing out. Best. Game. Ever.

The weekends are never long enough, are they? We’re almost to Salem. Had a quick stop at De Garde in Tillamook (husband’s happy place) for a bathroom break and to pick up a bottle. (I don’t think Barley will ever be a leg lifter).

Once back in Eugene I think it’s Winco for grocery shopping and meal prepping for the week. We’re leaning towards making a huge vat of veggie chili :).

If you read this far, you rock! ❀ For you Oregonians, wich coast town is your favorite??? So many gems.

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