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Weekend Recap #5: Staying in Town, 10 Miles, Date Night, River, Massage, & Clean

Hello dear reader,

For the first time in about a month we spent our weekend in town and weren’t hosting company. It was just a blissfully normal, desperately needed, summer weekend in Eugene.

Friday: After work we went out to my in-laws to spend the night (they live on a beautiful, secluded street just east of town, about a 30 minute drive.) We ate tamales and a pesto salad for dinner, after which I took Barley on a very short, slow barefoot walk.

Got back and went hot tubbing :). The plan was to run a 10 miler the next day, so I went up to “the cottage” early. They have a mother in law unit above the garage which we affectionately call the cottage 🙂 it is so sweet, I feel so relaxed there. It was my first double digit run since start of my training plan! I did run to the lake which was just over 10 miles a week or two before training started, just to prove to myself that I still have what it takes, lol.


Saturday: I really should have gotten up earlier to beat the heat, it was in the upper 80s by 11 am, but SLEEEEEP! :). I rolled out of bed around 9. The gang ate Sour Dough waffles (they have a sour dough starter) and I stuck with coffee and water and a few slices of apple. I’d rather run on an empty stomach. I packed the one Honey Stinger energy gel I could find at home, but that wasn’t going to be enough fuel for 10 miles. My strategy, if it is longer than an hour run, is to fuel every half hour, starting 30 minutes in. I sliced up an apple, put it in a zip lock bag, and grabbed a caramel candy too, lol. I choked on the apple and I spit out the candy, so I’m thinking I should stick to gels :). I was super spoiled because Sheila agreed to bike next to me the whole way! Not only did I have a companion to chat with and distract myself from any possible boredom, she doubled as photographer and traveling water/fuel station! It was so enjoyable!



Their street is breathtakingly beautiful and goes on for miles. There were definitely some hills in there. It was a bit slower than I would have liked, probably due to the heat and hills, and around mile 7 my mental game was deteriorating as fatigue seeped in, but I worked hard to try and stay as positive as possible, and dumped plenty of water over my head multiple times. When I got back to the house I went directly into the river for a “natural ice bath” followed by a delish recovery smoothie (blueberries, almond butter, almond milk). Success!

Went back home and it was over 90 degrees at that point. We don’t have A/C, so front lawn chilling commenced! I got through a few more pages of a memoir I’m reading (I’ll be reviewing), Carry On by ESPN sports writer Lisa Fenn, before Barley was vying for my attention. IMG_5944.JPG
Look at that face. 🙂IMG_5940.JPG

Jon got home around 5:30 from a Beerfest he was working at. Post-run combined with the heat = impromptu trip to the river and dinner date night out haha. Marshall Island is like 3 miles away and it turns real country, real quick :). LOVE.


Cute baby calves alert:IMG_1970.JPG

I let him choose the dinner place, and so Olive Garden it was :). It was packed! I don’t think anyone felt like cooking haha. We split the “tour de italy” (got 3 veggie options) and we sprang for the minestrone soup AND salad… Our total bill was still only like $17 bucks! For being wined and dined, that is a great deal! (pro tip- your server will bring you a wine sample, and then you pour your beer-loving husband’s sample in your glass, and it’s a decent amount. HA).


My favorite thing about Olive Garden is it is right next to Barnes and Nobles! I got a tall decaf Americano to settle the tummy and we perused for a good half hour. (Bliss).


Sunday: I got a massage with mom in law (THANK YOU SHEILA!!!) The boys were very envious haha. Then Jon and I pretty much cleaned all afternoon and well into the night. I didn’t get to grocery shopping… A major haul is definitely happening this week. Will post!

YAY Weekends!!! Thinking about my boys (Jon+Barley) is getting me through this Monday. #MCM

🙂 ❤

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