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7 Struggles Only a Homebrewer’s Wife Can Relate To

7 Struggles Only a Homebrewer’s Wife Can Relate To:
(With Harry Potter Gifs from giphy.com to convey emotion)

1. The 48-72 hours of a constant, annoying “Whir” caused by the twirling magnetic bean inside the yeast starter flask.


2. When you own enough pint glasses to fill 3 entire cupboards, and you only have one cupboard for all of your dishware in your tiny kitchen.


3. When you really need a nice soak in a bubble bath after a long day of work and you draw the curtains of the tub only to find 2 5-gallon fermenters just chilling there.

4. When you watch with disappointment as your chickens gobble up the spent grain and feel super wasteful for not making one of those crazy-delicious spent-grain creations you’ve had Pinned for months.


5.When a significant portion of your very limited and precious kitchen counter space next to the sink is constantly covered by beer bottles he is “saving for his next batch”, when you know he is going to end up kegging it.


6.Hurting your man’s feelings because you don’t want to taste his room-temp beer when it hasn’t even been carbed yet.


7.When you trip over that converted cooler mash-ton AGAIN and you think you are going to actually lose your shit, and then your hubby proudly tells you he named his latest and greatest creation Saison “Your-first-name” and you can’t help but love him that much more in all of his crazy homebrew passion glory.


You feel me???

🙂 ❤

4 thoughts on “7 Struggles Only a Homebrewer’s Wife Can Relate To

  1. Omg, what a treat to read this! This is one of the sweetest and funniest pieces I’ve ever read, and I’m sure you nailed it for the wives of other home brewers!! Nicely done and the Harry Potter accompaniments were “spot on”!!!!

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