5 Reasons for a Sit-Stand Desk at Work

I really wanted a sit-stand desk at work. Like, really badly. I definitely don’t want to sit all day. I also don’t want to stand all day. But let’s face it: Most work places/employers have a budget they must adhere to. And Sit-Stand desks are not cheap. 

Now, in a perfect world, employers would realize it is an investment in their employees’ health and sanity. But if you are like me, if you don’t have a recorded disability under the ADA that requires a modified workspace for you to optimally perform your work duties, your basically SOL.

Anyways, I got tired of trying to jump the hoops required to obtain a sit-stand through work. (read: doctor appointments, trying to track down old chiropractic and medical records, etc.) I wasted a lot of my time and probably money (can’t wait for the medical bill from that useless appointment). So I decided to go to the thrift store and find something to make my own. The black-wire shelf contraption was $14.99, I had to dump out the books and DVDs in it… lol.

I should mention that there is not a whole lot of conclusive research that a standing desk actually optimizes your health. There are research studies proving sitting all day is bad for your health. Research evidence or not, I am just listening to my body. These are my 5 reasons for a Sit-Stand desk.

1. More Movement.
I have found that since jerry-rigging my own sit-stand situation, I definitely move more. Not only around my little workspace, but I take more walking breaks, water refills, and coffee/tea too (trying for less coffee, more tea these days).

A typical day (one when I am not feeling like a tired, lazy bum) I park my car about a 10-15-minute walk away (that’s how far I need to be to be out of the 2-hour parking zone, and I refuse to buy a parking lot permit). I get to work at 8 am. I try and stay standing until about 9:30-10 am. I take my 15-minute break. I sit until lunchbreak. Lunch is 12-1 and I usually walk somewhere. More sitting from 1-3ish. Around 3:30 I’ll stand back up when I am starting to feel super sluggish for an hour, and finish the last part of the day sitting.

2. Improved Mood.
Anyone is going to be an Oscar the Grouch when they are on their butts all day. They just are.

3. More Energy.
When I start feeling like I am about to drift off into sleep, and I stand up, it definitely wakes me up!

4. Better Concentration/More Productive.
If I have a project that is going to take an hour or longer, I find that I just happen to focus better while standing. And if I am getting tired of standing, it is motivation to work diligently to finish the task. I will tell myself “don’t sit down until you send this draft!” I almost feel like I type faster while I am standing. Who knows if that is true or not, but it just feels like it.

5. Feel Empowered!
I don’t know about you, but I just feel stronger, bolder, more empowered and vibrant while standing. It’s my way of sticking it to the metaphorical man. Lol. That seems totally ridiculous, but I am just being honest J.

Any of you readers have a sit-stand desk? And if so, do you find that you use the standing feature? Leave a comment and let me know!

2 thoughts on “5 Reasons for a Sit-Stand Desk at Work

  1. Great post, friend – and I definitely use my elevation function on my desk a lot. We all have one in the office, but most tend to use it sitting. I started out doing that too, but found a statistic somewhere; you actually complete (several) marathons in accordance to energy spent. So I started standing; and now I stand most days for the entire day. And yeah; I feel more energized and empowered when doing that. Even when I’m sleep deprived – which I am often – I can avoid falling asleep when I stand =D

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