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Weekend Recap #6: Alesong Bottle Release & Sunday House Chores

Hi there!

I’m being the insomniac I sometimes (unfortunately) am and using this time that I am wide awake to type this recap :). Husband is snoring just a little, and Trixie is on my belly. I should reread my post on 8 tips for becoming a morning person…

There was a heatwave in Eugene, and we do not have A/C. So husby, my friend Brendan, and I went out to stay with the in laws (thank you again! As if we need an excuse, we love staying out there).


No pics from Friday. I got there after  work and immediately helped myself to a large glass of red wine. Sheila made me special vegan food (she’s so thoughtful) brown rice, black beans, and sweet potatoes (yummy!) the rest of the gang had turkey loaf and we all enjoyed salad and corn. After dinner Brendan and I watched the last episode of Game of Thrones… Holy smokes, great episode!



5 mile watchless, headphoneless run. I found myself thinking about the documentary Keepers of the Game (you can watch the trailer on Youtube here, highly recommend!), and Pocahontas. Both the Disney movie, and the actual person. I even added a few books on Pocahontas to my Goodreads “Want to Read” list. I felt like I was running through the hidden pine trails of the forest, and I was tempted more than once to stop and taste the sun-sweet, black berries of the earth :). I decided on my run that I had to go blackberry picking later, no matter how hot it got, non negotiable.

Post-run I heated up the left over beans, rice, and sweet potatoes and added a backyard egg (they have chickens too!) and salsa. Delish and filling brunch!

As I promised to myself, Sheila and I took the bikes out for berry foraging. We collected close to 9 pints! Pretty good haul :).

We also stopped at a fishing spot on the McKenzie river, I have been devouring my copy of Do Your Om Thing by Rebecca Pacheco (you can check out her website Can’t wait to review it on the blog.  The book has totally woken up the sleeping yogini inside of my soul, and for that I can’t thank the author enough.

I could have stayed out there all day sunbathing and soaking in nature, but dear husband had been anticipating this Alesong bottle release for quite sometime. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a great time too.

Man, Oregon produces some damn good beer. I am completely in love with this state.

Sunday: House Chores


I’ve been reading up/listening up on all things minimalism, and have been really working to incorporate minimalism in our home. On The Jess Lively Show, (newly obsessed with this podcast, BTW) I honestly don’t know which episode (I have been totally binge listening) she suggested holding an object and asking yourself “does this bring me joy?” It is such a simple thing, but OMG so helpful when getting rid of “stuff”. One project I accomplished was going through our book shelf that doubles as a dining room/kitchen partition. I was able to free up space to use The shelves for kitchen things (pictured on the top, left). As you know if you have been following my blog, I am a bookworm and have always wanted a library of my own. Surprisingly, we ended up with a whole box of books to donate. Husband’s books (mostly beer and baseball related) are now in his office, and my “library” is color coordinated in the guestroom closet which I have converted into my little sanctuary (pictured on top, right). If you want to see some of my inspiration for a space like this, you should check out my “Lofty Goals” Pinterest board!

When you have a small house, every inch is a valuable commodity. I am totally loving my little space. So much so that I enjoyed my dinner salad in it, lol. The only time I left our home the entire day was to pick up chicken feed (bottom right). All in all, a great Sunday.
❤ 🙂


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