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[Book Review] Running Within by Jerry Lynch and Warren Scott

This book has had more impact on my running than any other book I have ever read. I found an old copy of it at a used bookstore. I had never heard of it, but oh man, this book is pure gold.


I think this book will be especially helpful for other runners like me, who came to the sport late in the game, and never was on a cross country or track and field team, and therefore haven’t really had the experience of working with a running coach.

Both the co-authors have impressive credentials. I particularly found Jerry Lynch’s insights useful. He is a sports psychologist and director of a TaoSports Center, and has worked with Olympians and National champions.

This book is outlined in 5 separate parts. Chapter 4: Affirming Your Greatness and Chapter 12: Flowing with Fatigue were serious game changers for me.

I would be shocked if any runner who gives this book a shot doesn’t gain valuable understandings and enhance their running. I highly, highly recommend. I know that this book isn’t like super popular, and doesn’t have the sexiest cover. I also doubt you would be able to find it at many mainstream bookstores, so I’ll link to the Amazon book here.

❤  🙂

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