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Weekend Recap #7: Hosting & Hop Picking

Okay I totally failed at blogging last week… It was just a super busy time.  The beginning of fall always feels busy. Between more to do at work, mileage increasing with marathon training, a few other creative endeavors, a neighborhood meeting (long story short: Since April, I have been exploring the possiblity and learning all that is entailed with attempting to build a community dogpark, but that’s a post for another time :)) and just general life craziness, blogging fell by the wayside.

BUT this blog is important to me and I want to stay consistent with posting, so no more slacking! Here is a recap of my last weekend-
August 25-27

Jon was pouring beer at a Portland beer fest on Friday so I had the house to myself. My friend Brendan came over and we vegged out on salad, dolmas, and popcorn and binge watched Stranger Things. It was a pretty wonderful way to spend a Friday.

Saturday I woke up early and cleaned for like 4 hours straight while listening to Pandora. It was blissful. Once the house was in decent shape around noon I took Barley on a run.

There is nothing better than a clean home and a tired dog. Am I right?

Jon and our friend Chris who was visiting from LA still were on the road from Portland when I got back from the run, so I decided to make my favorite, super healthy and easy cookies.

And drank a homebrew, because I earned it after all the cleaning and running. Right now we have a saison on tap and it’s pretttty good :).

Finally the boys arrived and we went to a hop picking festival.

But first we had to stop at the farm and feed the goats. Sometimes I forget how “country” my life really has become, but when we host friends from the city (LA, SF, Portland, or Seattle mainly) I am reminded. And it makes me so happy.

Such a fun day :).

Sunday we went out to the in-laws for brunch. It was lovely as always. My mother in law made an awesome meal, which was rounded out with svetchenkuken (yea… not even going to try spell that) Plum pastry. omg yum. And I started reading Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind on father in law’s recommendation.

That night we played Catan and I made a chopoed salad with a simple honey mustard dressing (oil, local honey, stoneground mustard, Salt and pepper)

The End :).

can’t wait to recap this glorious gameday weekend once I’m done living it 🙂 ❤

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