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Weekend Recap #8: Labor Day Weekend

Saturday Mr. Radish woke up at 6 AM, in typical game day tradition. On game days, without fail, I wake up to the happiest guy, the sound of ESPN sportscasters reverberating from the living room, and coffee delivered to me in bed. I think those precious 10 minutes in the morning may be the actual reason I like college football.

I went on a short 2 mile run with the pup. I wanted to finish getting the house in order for guests, shower, and take my time getting ready but was rushed out the door by the eager husband who insisted we catch the noon bus. I literally had to run to the bus stop in my socks holding my shoes in order to catch it. LOL. But we got from our front door to the stadium in 16 minutes, so I suppose his (slightly annoying) persistence was worth it. Once we got to the stadium we had to try and locate our friend’s tailgate. Not the easiest of tasks with an inebriated friend directing you, but eventually we did find it!

I was famished by that point,  so I proceeded to put potato salad and bbq chips in a hotdog bun and stuff my face. Not my finest moment, but a happy memory. Super attractive, I know. LOL.14287502_10208759936329084_1618850709_n.jpg

My sister’s boyfriend has season tickets with his parents, so they come down from Portland. Husband took sister’s ticket so we could hang out, because we hadn’t seen each other in like over a month since we went to the beach (one of the best weekends of summer which I recapped here), and let’s be honest we would rather have quality sister time than pay attention to football. It’s all good though, because we are all 4 going to the night game next weekend!IMG_6331.PNG

We hung out by the river until half time and caught the first bus back home. I am an excellent older sister and braided her hair on the bus. She has the best hair, it’s really not fair.14287503_10154541674319507_224287532_n.jpg

We laid low for a few hours, but I knew hungry men were on their way home so I started to prepare dinner. While I cooked, sister entertained Barley. LOL.

The boys arrived and dinner was served. Curried vegetables and rice. Super simple.

After dinner we played Settlers of Catan. Haha, two weekends in a row. Man we’re cool…IMG_6277.JPG

Our friend Lillian was in town and she came over for late night hanging out. I was super lame and went to bed earlyish, but the party went on without me…

Sunday I woke up at like 7:00 am, very tired from my lack of adequate sleep (thank you party people, it was worth it lol), and took Barley on a walk to the coffee shop. Here is a 4 hours of sleep, not amused selfie taken before my walk:

HA. The fresh air and coffee improved my mood immensely and when I got back home I started to prepare breakfast for the troops.

After breakfast we went out to the farm for groceries and playing with the goats. Out of town people love the farm, without fail :).

We parted ways with our friends at the farm. This is where the weekend took a completely different direction…

We did the not stressful at all (jk) task of CAR SHOPPING. Yep. We traded in the truck for a jeep. We decided we didn’t need all that car (as fun as it was) and we DEFINITELY didn’t need the premium gas guzzling. It was a long process of negotiating, good cop bad cop, yada yada yada. But after leaving the dealership Sunday evening with no purchase and coming back on Monday to close the deal, I know 100% we made the right decision. Say hello to our beautiful Jeep Compass!

After the dealership we went home to pick up the pup and bring him out to the in-laws. We made a pit-stop at Petco and built this cage-fence contraption for the trunk right there in the parking lot. Sorry Barley, it’s for your own protection. We still love you :).

After the craziness of the weekend, I helped myself to a (large) bloody mary: img_6316
When we got home I pretty much spent the entire evening meal prepping all the veggies I picked up at the farm on Sunday.

The end ❤ 🙂

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