Jewish Living · Words of Wisdom

If My Tattoo Could Talk

If my tattoo could talk,
It would say,
You’re okay.

It would say
Wake up,
And rise out of bed.

The joy and the pain,
Is not in your head.

It is not your fault
You feel everything.
And you do feel it all.

It is okay to engage,
It is okay to withdraw.

You will be amazing,
You will surely blunder.

You will laugh ‘til it hurts
And you will cry like the thunder.

My grandma and aunt
Think my tattoo is repulsive.

I wish they could see,
It wasn’t compulsive.

I wish that they
Were raised in a time,

When to be a complex mess,
Wasn’t a crime.

The world tells the girls,
Be cute and be small.

But you must rise above,
And be big and stand tall.

Your truest thoughts
are the only gift you can give.

My tattoo is a reminder,
Simply to live.

So wear your hair down,
and rock in your boots.

If You Can, Then You Must,
I Will Remember My Roots.

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