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What I Ate Today (WIAT) and 4 Morning Rituals

Hi there, friend. Curious WIAT and what my morning rituals are? Well…

Ritual 1: I woke up to my alarm at 5:20 am, my usual alarm time for weekdays. By 5:48 I mustered up the courage to leave my fleece-sheeted cocoon (aka bed). I ripped the covers off and fast-walked, shivering, to the kitchen to let the dog out, turn on the electric kettle, and grind the coffee beans.

Ritual 2: I crawled back in bed with mug in tow, my side still warm, and sat with my pillow propped up.

This is one of my favorite rituals. I just sit, watch the dark sky slowwwwwwllly get a tiny bit lighter, listen to my husbands’ sleeping breaths, and try actively to relax. I try to envision what a good day today at work would look like. I just try and feel grounded and centered and grateful, which isn’t too hard to feel in my amazing bed.

Ritual 3: I sit at my vanity, located in our guest room/”my room”, light a candle, and get ready for work. The candle helps combat anxiety and keep me from feeling too upset about having to go to work, lol. Husband likes to make fun of this ritual by peaking his head in and saying “Hows the seance?” He is pretty good at making me laugh at myself and not take life too seriously :).

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Ritual 4: I listened to a podcast on the commute to work. I used to talk to my sis on the phone when we shared the same commute time, and it sucks that we don’t now, but podcasts are a pretty great alternative.

and now, WIAT:

Breakfast: frozen blueberries and a banana.

Lunch: Carrots and Celery and a baked potato.

Snack: Pretzels and Hummus

Dinner: Salad with guac and jalepenos

not pictured: Spoonful of PB, popcorn, and a tangerine otterpop.

Do you have morning rituals? Let me know in the comments!! Don’t be shy :).

❤ 🙂

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