Hydrating from the Outside In with Derma-E

In the past I have posted tips about how to drink more water to stay hydrated (you can read that post here). But dehydration isn’t only an internal problem. Your epidermous, AKA skin, can also become dehydrated and dry. I haven’t actually written about skincare products, so this post is a first!

Let me start off by saying, I am kind of the opposite of a skin product person. Reading the labels of skin care product kind of terrifies me. On sunny days, I choose aloe over sunscreen, many of which contain toxins. Good old-fashioned coconut oil is also a moisturizer that doesn’t freak me out. Tea tree oil, lavender, and other essential oils are also fine by me. Ok. Maybe I am into skin care after all… Ha! I haven’t given it much thought before reviewing Derma-E, but making sure the products I put on are natural is actually really important to me. So when I received the Derma-E day and night hydrating creme, I decided to keep it on my bedside table, and use it every morning and evening for a week straight so that I could provide an honest review of the products.

You guys, I really love these products! The first thing I noticed was the Plumeria Blossom fragrance. It is light, and flowery, but not perfumery. It smells really fresh IMO, and is basically killing two birds with one stone, because I don’t use perfume.

These products make your skin feel incredible. Like velvet. After reading up these hydrating cremes by Derma-E, an ethically sourced, cruelty free brand, I am pretty sure the magic ingredient is the Hyarulonic Acid (HA). One HA molecule retains 1000 times it’s weight in water, hence why this is so hydrating!

Honestly, I didn’t realize how “dry” my skin really was. Especially in the summer, when I was spending so much time exposing my skin to the sun and sweating by running outside. I tend to get dry skin around my eyelids in the winter months (super cute, I know). I think this is a hereditary thing, because it happens to my sister too. I am super curious to see if I can avoid the dry skin around my eyes in a few months if I keep using these products, which I intend too!

That’s the other thing I wanted to make sure to mention- These are small containers but you only need the tiniest bit of creme. I am sure these are going to last me a lonnnnnnng time, which is amazing!

My philosophy of what I am willing to put on my body, is very similar to what I am willing to put in my body. Plant based. Ethical. Cruelty Free. Non GMO. Derma-E is good stuff, and I would recommend it to a friend for sure!

This is a sponsored post by Derma-E. All opinions expressed are my own. Powered by BrandBacker. 

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