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Weekend Recap #10: Parkinsons 5k & Rosh Hashanah

Season’s greetings! I can say that, because it’s the first weekend recap of fall. I didn’t recap last weekend, because I did a Florence Half Marathon recap instead (you can read that post here).


After work I came home, and husby was working an event so I drank wine, pretended my fireplace mantle was a karaoke stage and performed Amy Winehouse songs for the cat and dog, listened to podcasts and downloaded The Fifth Agreement by Don Miguel Ruiz. Audible was having a sale on like over 200 books for 4.99. I put a bunch in my check out cart, but only ended up downloading the one. Me to my coworkers… “The real question is, do I want to listen to Jewel’s 10 hour memoir?” Lol… As you can see, my reading taste is quite varied. Now I am really regretting not buying more. Stupid.



Rather than take my dog to the park like a good dog mom, I slept in and took my time getting ready for the day (Sorry Barley). I picked my friend Brendan up and we met up at the park with my in laws to do the annual Parkinson’s Resources of Oregon 5k walk. My father in law defended his title as the top fundraiser, two years running! Woop, Woop!  Here is a silly picture of me and Brendan warming up in our visors:
In all seriousness, it was a really great, brisk walk. Got some quality convo in with FIL (Father In Law), and it was looking like it might rain super hard but it only lightly drizzled in the beginning of the walk and was cool and sunny for the rest (perfect!).

After the walk we went out to lunch at a brewery and then spent about an hour at the beerfest that the brewery my husband works for was hosting. Good times!

Husby had to keep working, so I accompanied Brendan to a Duck football watchparty hosted by a guy in his Master’s program teaching cohort. Nice people!! God bless the future generation of American teachers. I commend you. Seriously.


Slept in again (yay sleep!). Rosh Hashanah dinner was called for 4 pm at my in laws, and I was responsible for the challot. But Jon wanted to watch the Giants game out there, which started at like noon, so luckily MIL (Mother In Law) was on top of her food prep game and I was able to make the challot there, without impeding on the oven rotation. I still had to go to the grocery store to pick up the ingredients though. So I forced myself out of the fleece sheets and drove to the store. Albertsons and Goodwill happen to share a parking lot, and I definitely am in need of sweaters, so I decided to do some shopping before the grocery store. I spent maybe 20 minutes at Goodwill, put 5-6 sweaters in my cart, and ended up only purchasing this awesome Woolrich shirt for $4.99! SCORE :).

We drove out, I made the chalah dough, and covered it to let it rise. I then took Barley on a 5 mile run, while listening to more of The Fifth Agreement. Got back. Hot tubbed. braided the challot, and did a little more food chopping. Friends came over. Ate an amazinggggg Rosh Hashanah dinner. hot tubbed again. Great conversation with great people. Went home. The end.


Already ready for next weekend!
🙂 ❤

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