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Weekend Recap: Lincoln City on the Oregon Coast and Pumpkin Carving dinner party

Evenin’ govnah! (<Is that from Sweeney Todd? Someone please help me out with the reference.)

It’s actually not evening as I type this. It’s 11 am on Sunday, October 8th. Husby is driving us back to the Eug, and I am being a crappy co-pilot by writing this post instead of watching the road and conversing (just like in this old weekend recap from another trip in a different town on the Oregon Coast, Cannon Beach and Seaside). That’s ok because he is entertained by the beer podcast playing.

We just left my favorite Oregon diner, Otis Cafe. Seriously, nostalgia at it’s finest. If you are ever on the Oregon coast or in Lincoln City, check out this diner, it is seriously perfection.

Best hashbrowns. Best whole wheat sourdough and black molasses bread. BEST seasoning. And, definitely best atmosphere. There is usually a wait for a booth or table, but If you are dining solo or with just a plus one you should be able to sit at the counter no problem, which is what we did :).

Sometimes I take a picture like this one, look at it, see my husband’s flannel Shirt and wedding band, and smile stupidly because I love him so much and can’t believe he is my forever travel companion. Sorry for the cheese guys; we did get married in Lincoln City, so I feel I have the right to be sappy. (if you want to, you can read about our Oregon coast wedding here.)

Oy, did we need this get away. Well, he actually was working a chowder and beer fest from 12-6 yesterday. I decided to tag along because Lincoln City is one of my favorite places, I didn’t want him to have to drive back to Eugene after, we got the vender rate at the Chinook Winds Resort, and I just wanted to get out of town with my boo, ya know?

Shall I stop rambling and get to recapping?

Got home from work. Packed for the coast.

I was forced out of bed and into the car at like 7:30 am. On a Saturday. Lol. I almost said just go without me ;).

My mood steadily improved with every sip of coffee. I was full on happy once we hit this sign:

One of the next books I’m reviewing on the TLC Booktour is Mercury. I figured I might have time to start reading it. I read the description and it’s a suspense/mystery/crime novel about a woman who is married to an optometrist  and becomes obsessed with a particular horse at the stables she runs. As a horseback rider who loves psychological thrillers, I think this will be up my alley. Also, how clever is this cover based off that description?!

We got to the beerfest location, set up shop, then I had 6 hours to do whatever my heart desired.

Naturally, I went to Safeway to get sustanence. Sometimes, you just want pre-chopped fruit and veggies. Worth the extra few bucks.

Then I checked into the hotel. It looked pretty unimpressive from the outside, very weathered (it’s ocean front, unfortunately our room wasn’t), and the inside was tiny, but furnished pretty nicely actually. I especially liked the wooden frames and jasmine green tea shampoo :).

I spent a good 5 minutes food styling for an instagram photo because it was fun, I ❤ food styling.

I actually made a serious dent in this shmorgousboard pre and post run. I was proud lol.

Ran 6.5 hard miles. half on the sand, half on HILLS. It was way shorter than I would have liked. But it was what it was. Ya know? I went straight to the hotel gym and finished with ab work. Nicest hotel gym I’ve ever seen! Ocean view :).  The sauna didn’t work though :(.

The beerfest was at the outlets but apparently I was not in the mood to spend money. I went to Eddie Bauer, Pendleton, Loft, Old Navy, and 2 shoe stores. Nothing. Lol, oh well.

We missed Bingo at the casino so we gambled 14 bucks on the slots for an hour and called it a night.

Sunday (Today)

I have pretty much recapped until this point (its 1 pm). we have friends coming over around 4 to go to the patch, eat dinner, and carve pumpkins. I have 3 hours to clean, get groceries, exercise the dog, cook, and look presentable. wish me luck…

Okay, I am back! The get together with friends was super fun. I’m so mad I forgot to snap a picture of the dinner table, but I guess that’s good because I was having so much fun I didn’t even think to. We had Shakshuka (recipe here) and a chickpea kale salad (recipe here). So yummy!! After dinner we carved and watched the debate.

You may remember my post about choosing not to watch the last debate. This one I did watch, and it definitely inspired my carved pumpkin creation :).


I wish it could be the weekend forever and ever.

🙂 ❤

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