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Home Tour #1: Front Yard and Living Room

Hi there :). I have been totally procrastinating on posting this. I have had a blurb on my about me page saying “Home Tour coming soon!” for like 8 months, so now feels like as good a time as ever. It is too daunting to post the whole tour at once. I will seriously never get to posting!  So I am going to break the home tour up into a few posts.

It is very much a work in progress, but I don’t think it will ever feel completed, so might as well share what it looks like a year into nesting. It’s funny, because these are pictures I have accumulated over a year and a half. You may notice some objects have moved around.

My husband and I became first time homeowners in May of 2015. It is hard to believe that over a year has gone by. Being a homeowner is an absolute dream come true for me. Like, truly. I grew up moving around a lot, in apartments mostly, and I have yearned for a place to call home for most of my life. It might not be much, but it is mine, and I love every 1,120 square foot of it with every fiber of my being.

Our home is a 1960’s single-story, three bedroom, 2 bathroom house on the edge of town.

I am not an interior designer. I do not own fancy things. This comes as no surprise if you know me well. My older sister has always been into interior design and room makeovers (any one else grow up watching Trading Spaces on TLC?), so I am not totally clueless. Most of the treasures in my home are gifts and hand me downs, which I love. I actually get a lot of my inspiration from searching ideas I have on Pinterest (You can see what I’m pinning by following me on Pinterest here). If I had to describe my “style” in six adjectives I would choose: charming, functional, simple, earthy, artsy, and homey. I hope you agree as I share these photos of my home with you. To make it more fun, and because it’s hard to get a photo without Barley in it since he usually needs to be the center of attention (as many golden retrievers do), Barley will be largely hosting this virtual tour. I’ll share a few sentences about my favorite items in each photograph too. 🙂

Without further Ado…

Front yard. Taken shortly after moving in, when my mom came to visit for the first time. All of these flowers are very much not alive anymore (sad face). Major goal: Get better at flower gardening, growing food, and landscaping!

Living Room Area

Front Door and “Mud Room” Entry Way. The Sign above the dog tail hooks that we use for our keys says “Shalom Y’all” in Hebrew. It was Jonathan’s grandmother’s, who may have been the only Jew to ever live in Boiling Springs, Tennessee.

entry way, entry way closet, hook wall, gallery shelves

Entry Way closet (he knows his tennis balls are stored in that rainbow gift bag on the upper left hand side of the closet). Husby found those square gallery shelves and they were probably the only decor item he insisted upon. It was pretty cute how excited he was about them; that is what I love about them the most.

The Fireplace, which is unfortunately out of commission (The saddest of faces, but we eventually plan to install a wood burning stove inside of it!). There are too many things I love in this picture to pick a favorite. The fireplace itself. My Justin boots which I wore pretty much every day for like 3 years (including on our wedding day), until Barley chewed up the toe tips. JERK. That’s okay, I still wear them when I am putting away the chickens and when I go horseback riding. The handmade broom was a wedding gift from my friends Barb and Leah, and it makes sweeping actually enjoyable! The canvas print is of the Canadian Rocky mountain range, which we traded with the photographer in exchange for a surf board back when we were living in San Diego! It retailed way out of our price range, and I just love it so much.

meditation space / framed first look collage / repurposed bed frame
I call this corner of the living room my meditation corner. I re-purposed a wooden bed frame into a blanket ladder, to bring in

tired dog / dog boots / dog jogger
Living Area to Dining Area space. The wine rack was a gift from our friend and long time roommate JT (you might remember him from this weekend recap). The wall hanging is actually a wool Pendleton (swoon) blanket that we were gifted for Hanukkah a few years back by my generous and thoughtful in-laws. 🙂

That pretty much ends the living area tour. Next up:

Dining Area and Kitchen

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